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Hopefully, they do not miss out on this opportunity. Like ok, one will look like me and one will look like you. Although some where saying that Yewon doesn't show enough affection when she and minsuk were holding hands using that thing not sure what it was called.

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However, I feel like he saving it for their days or a different occasion. Yeah, when I was saw the shoes. Yet, I think they would date secretly just until they know if the relationship is serious.

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It's not always true but most of the time it is. Especially to the fans who ship him with the actresses in his drama. Other husbands have bought guitars for their wives and shoes out of their own pocket. Or was she saying something else.

He might want to focus on his career since he is getting recongition and Yewon at a point where she could settle down but she could also focused on her career since she is getting many opportunities. Yeah for Yewon, bozze tatuaggi online dating I don't think dating Minsuk would really affect her career. Was Yewon mad at Minsuk for not holding her hand. Yomy is Yewon's gift to Minsuk - she paid for it.

She paid for all the materials to make his christmas wall. Another thing I liked about this episode. For me, I think that was enough for me to see since they both were so emotional it would not be the right time for a kiss. Unfortunately, the k industry can be harsh.

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That is what I hope will happen. If a couple gets something more personal or makes it, it would add to the couple bonding. Surprise visit to her shoot - rice cakes are on him. Only they know what is happening.

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Did anyone else get the feeling that Minsuk told Yewon the girl should look like him, the boy like her, not only to joke around but to make sure he was going to get two boys in the future? However, his message was so heartfelt it made me cry.