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The Top 20 Spaghetti Western Soundtracks

Listen to the Rhythm of the Range. We will post that shortly. Thee I Love Dimitri Tiomkin. Wagon Train Jerome Moross. Across the Texas Panhandle.

Day of Anger Riz Ortolani. The Call of the Faraway Hills.

100 Greatest Western Themes

It was a daunting challenge, as it is almost impossible to consider the music independently from the movies that made these tunes famous. The second part in Duccio Tessari's Ringo duo-logy.

Top 20 Western Movie Themes

These western movie themes are as compelling and touching as they were years back. Once Upon A Time in West is not only remembered for it classic Sergio Leone touch but also for this western movie theme which intensifies the extreme close-ups used by Sergio Leone.

You can click on any title to play the song and see detailed information about it, or you can click on an arrow just to play it. Other uses are strictly prohibited. The Magnificent Seven Elmer Bernstein.

Both of these upcoming lists should contribute to a more holistic picture of the music of the spaghetti western. Red River Dimitri Tiomkin wrote a grand symphonic score for this John Wayne classic, sweeney todd which inspired composers of western soundtracks for decades to come.

Companeros Ennio Morricone. Open Range Ahead Bob Nolan. Blazing Saddles John Morris. Song of the Bandit Bob Nolan.

Face to Face Ennio Morricone. Two Mules For Sister Sara. Please enjoy this wonderful music. Sergio Sollima's first venture into the Spaghetti West is a well crafted departure from the traditional man with no name vehicles.

The movie was released in to great commercial success. One-Eyed Jacks Hugo Friedhofer. Sergio Leone's first steps in his departure from the Spaghetti West, Duck You Sucker focused on two characters interactions during revolutionary Mexico. The Man with the Harmonica. Names of the song's composers, lyricists, and YouTube performers, with links to their articles in Wikipedia.

There will also be a ranking of the best opening title theme songs. The Green Leaves of Summer.

Legendary Songs of the Old West

The greatest Western movie scores - Classic FM

The Great Silence Ennio Morricone. The Good Times are Comin'. Sollima swaps the steely eyed antihero type for a raggedy, petty thief named Cuchillo played by Tomas Milian, who utilized knives rather than guns. Goodbye Old Paint Traditional.

Dramatic moments are characterized by an ugly, dramatic waltz that alternates between slow and stirring to intense slow beats resulting in the heart wrenching showdown between the former friends. Links to information about the song, its origin, etc. The film also features a rousing main theme sung by lead actor Tomas Milian. Can anyone explain if there is a difference between an Italian soundtrack and an American soundtrack?

The Need for Love Dimitri Tiomkin. Necktie Party Elmer Bernstein. The High Chaparral David Rose.

The theme list is going to expand soon. Haunting choirs, soft chimes and quiet woodwind instruments also help emulate the icy faux Utah locations. Main Titles Elmer Bernstein. Nevada Smith Alfred Newman.

100 Greatest Western Themes

Legendary Songs of the Old West - Various Artists

Dimitri Tiomkin wrote a grand symphonic score for this John Wayne classic, which inspired composers of western soundtracks for decades to come. Introspection Late Night Partying.