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Unnaal mudiyum Ada unnaal mudiyum Ahaa unnaal mudiyum Thambi thambi Unakkul irukkum unnai nambi. Udayamurthy could not bear the neglection of his father on him and he leaves the house. Udayamurthy gets attracted to the girl named Lalitha Kamalam on knowing that she and her thoughts are very much secular. Free Download WordPress Themes.

He becomes unsuccessful in his attempt and at the same time gets attacked by liquor selling qroup. Udayamurthy meets the wife of the dead man and finds that the government did not give any compensation to the family as the man was drunk while on duty.

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One day Marthandam Pillai shouts at his son saying that it is better to die than to live an irresponsible life like this and this hurts Udayamurthy. Ethalil Kathai Ezhuthum lyrics. Aaagaaya gangai Kaaindhaalum kaayum Saaraaya gangai kaayaadhada Aalvoargal podum sattangal yaavum Kaasulla pakkam paayadhada. Akkam Pakkam Paruda lyrics. Udayamurthy sees a woman in a government office who protests against an official for rejecting her application for teacher job for not mentioning her caste and religion in the application.

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He also accepts the marriage of his son with Lalitha and unite them. Just click file title and download link will show up. Pilahari Marthandam Pillai finds that his son achieved his mission and proudly announces that Marthandam Pillai is the father of Udayamurthy rather Udayamurthy is the son of Marthandam Pillai. If file is multipart don't forget to check all parts before downloading!

Hence he sets out to change the people and bring them out of drinking habit. You may also be interested in. Kallu kadai kaasilae dhaanda Katchi kodi yerudhu poda Kallu kadai kaasilae dhaanda Katchi kodi yerudhu poda Mannodu pogaamal Nam naadu thirundha cheiyanum. Both Udayamurthy and Lalitha fall in love with each other.

Udayamurthy changes his mind and start to be responsible making his family happy. The old man calls Udayamurthy and tells him to be helpful to others. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Udayamurthy could not concentrate on singing when he hears the begging of a night begger.

Unnaal mudiyum thambi thambi Unakkul irukkum unnai nambi. Marthandam Pillai challenges Udayamurthy to become a man making his father proud without using the name of his father in the society and then he will listen to what he says. After upload, indian home architecture design software share files instantly via Social networks or via Email with your friends or family. Udayamurthy gains the enmity of the drunkards for destroying the liquor shops and for provoking their wives against them.

Upload File Request file File Leecher. But actually it is another prank played by him and he did not die so. Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you!

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Ithazhil Kathai Ezhuthum Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

Udayamurthy again sees the woman at a theatre when she slaps a thug for misbehaving. Click it and That's it, you're done amigo! Hence they set out to stop the wedding of Udayamurthy with Lalitha by promising that they would stop drinking if he cancels his wedding to which Udayamurthy accepts. Next morning family members are shocked on seeing Udayamurthy hanging himself at the middle of the hall.

Didn't found proper unnal mudiyum download link? You can also share unnal mudiyum or any other file with the community. How to download unnal mudiyum files to my device? Unnaal mudiyum thambi thambi Unakkul irukkum unnai nambi Unnaal mudiyum thambi thambi Ada unakkul irukkum unnai nambi. Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi Thambi lyrics.

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Marthandam Pillai also get angry on seeing his son loving a girl who come from the caste of untouchables. His sacrifice earns up the respect upon the whole village and the drunkards start to obey him. Lalitha provokes the wives of the drunkard to protest their drunkard husbands to which the women co-operates. Punjaiyundu Nanjaiyundu lyrics. Kaloori palli illadha oorai Kaiyodu indrae thee mootuvom Kalladha pergal illadha naadu Nam naadu endrae naam maatruvom.

This angers Marthandam Pillai and shouts that he is not fit to be his disciple. Kudichavan bodhaiyil nippaan Kudumbathai veedhiyil vaippaan Thadupadhu yaar endru Konjam nee keladaa. Home Movies Music Directors List.

Tholai uyarthu Thoongi vizhum naatai ezhuppu Un tholai uyarthu Thoongi vizhum naatai ezhuppu Yedhaiyum mudikkum Idhayam unnil kanden. The father is a strict disciplinarian who is very class conscious and cares only for his art.

Ithazhil Kathai Ezhuthum Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

Irukira kovilai ellaam Padikira palligal seivom Arivenum gopuram angae Naam kaanuvom. Adolescent Udayamurthy who is from a high society family one day sees an old blind beggar woman struggling to pick up a banana thrown by a passer-by. Vaanam ungal kaigalil undu Gnyanam ungal nenjinil undu Vaanam ungal kaigalil undu Gnyanam ungal nenjinil undu Naan endru ennamal Naam endru uravu kollanum. The maestro's elder son is born mute and hence had to take to an instrument, the nadhaswaram, which he is quite adept at. Naalaiya naatin Thalaivanum neeyae Nambikai kondu varuvaayae Unakenna orr sarithiramae Ezhudhum kaalam undu.