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While all other criminals roam the streets by foot, burglars drive through the city at high speed and are difficult to catch. It is a well thought out polished product which provided a carefully graded long term challenge and in addition offers the player the chance to fly through their own creations. Drag them to the main screen using the mouse and you can throw them out.

SimCopter Download (1996 Simulation Game)

Helicopters have a limited amount of fuel and must return to the hangar about once every half-hour to refuel, which costs money. Unlike many games, you had many different missions you could set, then when flying you could ignore them or not. The gun is also capable of killing innocent sims and destroying cars, boats, and planes, all of which have negative point values. Naturally you lose points if you actually let go. Screenshots from MobyGames.

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You have a water bucket for putting out fires, a winch for rescuing Sims, and a loudspeaker for barking out commands. In user mode on the other hand, you are flying through a city you have created yourself or at least downloaded from one of the numerous SimCity web sites to be found on the net. Missions will take points from the player after a set amount of time from the start of the mission while it remains uncompleted.

In all, while it's slightly pixilated, the graphics look nice enough to get by. When the player has accumulated enough points, the game lets them move on to the next city. This helicopter has a machine gun and missiles in place of the water cannon and tear gas respectively both weapons have unlimited ammo. If the base has at least two of these tarmacs, one will randomly have the Apache parked on it. Impossible to relate how cool this game is.

If your helicopter runs out of fuel while in mid-air, player can either attempt to keep the motor spinning and land it, or just let it fall to the ground and suffer heavy damage. Helicopters in this game have a limited amount of fuel and must return to the hangar about once every half an hour to refuel, which costs money. Please help us out to make this classic game work on the newer systems. Interestingly, several songs from the radio stations are also although somewhat changed included in The Sims - Jerry Martin composed the soundtrack for both games.

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The user would have to insert a specially edited Smacker video file somewhere in the SimCopter installation directory for it to work. List of Simcopter cheat codes. SimCopter is a flight simulator video game, ek ajnabee hindi movie developed by Maxis.

Emergency vehicles, especially the police car, would often not pull over to the side of the road, resulting in a traffic jam mission. If the beam hits the player, the screen fades to white and the copter is instantly destroyed.

To a realism freak like myself, this might have proved to be a damming failure in the game but after about five minutes of playing, I found that I didn't care. Once you acquire more funds, you can get a water gun and tear gas canisters for clearing up riots. Money and points can be earned by completing missions. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! Some jobs require certain equipment in order to complete them, and better helicopters offer greater speed, handling, and can carry more passengers.

SimCopter Download (1996 Simulation Game)

There are a few main events in Sim Copter that will directly involve you. It invites you to take control of a helicopter and help solve various problems around the cities you'll be flying in. The voice over your loudspeaker is also fantastic and quite funny too.

If the player does not have enough money to buy a new helicopter, then they are grounded, making it impossible to continue on. In all honesty, quite well. Just one click to download at full speed! When the game begins, you're given a small, under-powered helicopter that can only hold one other passenger.

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Makes no pretense of simulation or fluing skill, though coaxing a damaged bird along does take its own kind of skill. The player will also lose points and must use their remaining funds to purchase another helicopter.

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If they do not have enough money to buy a new helicopter, then they are grounded, making it pointless to keep playing. Criminals on foot can also be stopped by landing on top of them with the helicopter, which kills them, but this risks damage to the helicopter.

The most obvious of these quirks are the civilian models, which appear normal while in the air but are actually borderline grotesque when seen up-close. What does one do with all this money? Some missions will eventually be canceled resulting in a point loss or will not reward anything after completion. If the helicopter is destroyed, it is lost forever as well as all of the equipment on board.

They speak in a bizarre, grunting language that almost seems like a precursor to Simlish. Exclusive to the Apache, one can even earn points by shooting criminals with the helicopter's machine gun. Fly low over the hills which surround the city and you will see that they teem with wild life. The flight model of the game is pretty light as flight models go, but this game wasn't meant to be a hard core helicopter sim. The action in Sim Copter isn't very violent at all, so people of almost all ages can play.

If you're tired of flying around military choppers around foreign nations, come back home and fly around in a great American city. It is found on military bases that have fighter plane tarmacs on them. Well, you get money by completing jobs, saving people, ferrying passengers, and so forth. Speaking of funds, this is what the game revolves around, the acquisition of money.