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Shaiya is getting ready to expand in a big way and we've got an exclusive interview with the team behind it! The penalty for dying in PvP is a loss of experience, and a possible loss of equipped items or inventory items.

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The only downside to the cash shop is the inclusion of two quest items. Each battleground has a different scenario for players to accomplish.

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Each faction has three races and six classes to choose from, though each race is restricted to two classes each. This greatly detracts from Shaiya, which would seem like a better, fuller game with more players around.

However, due to the age of Shaiya and low playerbase, these PvP matches are a rare occurrence. Classes are restricted by Race in Shaiya. Each race has three class options available. Difficulty Modes Choose your difficulty mode, with more rewards available from higher levels of difficulty.

Shaiya Game Review

Even the battlegrounds are often empty, and the lack of other players makes Shaiya feel empty and barren. These classes excel at the frontline, unleashing devastating physical attacks on their foes. When first starting the game, players are prompted to choose their faction, class, and name.

For example, in Proelium Frontier players must fight to control an altar in the center, while in Cantabilian players fight to control all the relics in the area and kill all of the other players. The game has enjoyed a lot of success since its initial release and continues to be a profitable game for both Aeria and ChoiRock games.

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Each faction has access to two races total four races and each race can play from one of three classes for a total of twelve classes. The inclusion of these two quests seems intrusive, and Shaiya would not lose anything by removing these quests. The dungeon update brings back the Cryptic One Dungeon which contains six mini-dungeons.

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Players spend most of their time traveling between quest-givers or farming mobs for quest items, loot, and experience. Aside from this, players have no options for character customization. Again, the most interesting aspect about Shaiya is the Ultimate Mode. In Shaiya, players take on the role of powerful warriors in a conflict over the land of Shaiya. They are also able to frighten beasts or hide themselves as harmless creatures, furthering their stealth.

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Classes are specific to race in Shaiya. Their abilities harness the natural elements of fire, water, earth, and wind, completely destroying their enemies. Players start with a gift box that gives them class-appropriate armor, and a collection of different weapons to try out. In PvP, players will have a bit more excitement fighting other players.

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Questing quickly becomes the only real avenue for gaining experience, and it still feels slow. This allows players some degree of freedom with their class build. It ultimately feels clunky and unnecessary. As players level, more skills become available in their skill menu, which they must invest points into.

The cash shop in Shaiya is nothing new. After creating a character, players can jump into Shaiya, performing quests and grinding mobs to level up. Talking About Trinity Artifact Shaiya is getting ready to expand in a big way and we've got an exclusive interview with the team behind it! Aeria Games has announced the release of the latest update to Shaiya that features new armor, updated capes and several new dungeons for players to explore. These quests relay the player to the Shaiya website where they can receive free Aeria Points, morometii film the cash shop currency for Aeria Games.

The core gameplay in Shaiya is lackluster. When an Ultimate Mode character is killed, they have three minutes to be revived. In Ultimate Mode, players gain experience slower than regular characters, but gain more skill and stat points per level, making them considerably stronger at max level compared to regular characters. If these players are not resurrected within the three minute time limit, their character is effectively dead, and permanently deleted. In addition to regular Battlegrounds, Server Battlegrounds are the same modes where players can battle other players from different servers, allowing even more opponents for PvP options.

Aeria Games has announced that the latest update to Shaiya has been deployed. Every level, players will get both skill and stat points. Screenshots Shaiya Screenshots. After creating their character, players must choose whether to play on Basic Mode or Ultimate Mode. We'll be giving away codes good for both the game's Phoenix and standard servers.

Two warring factions, a handful of races, guilds, and auction houses. This creates a bit of a pay-to-win environment as well. The long grinding to gain levels later on makes this latter aspect overly tedious. Those playing in Ultimate Mode also still have a chance of being deleted if not resurrected within three minutes.

In Individual PvP, players fight with another member of their faction. Called Trinity Artifact, the expansion will bring a level cap increase, a new land to explore, quests, items and more. While a fighter class may hit harder will a ton of Strength, their hits may miss more often than not without investing in Dexterity. Overview Shaiya Overview In Shaiya, players take on the role of powerful warriors in a conflict over the land of Shaiya.