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It was dubbed in Tamil with the same title, which also achieved success. Nisha asks Salim to go to a party with her, and he agrees. Salim continues to hold the minister's son hostage and gets into the latter's car instead.

Gopuram Films and Sri Production distribute the film in India. The film was a commercial success, running for over days in many theatres. The usage of electric guitar gives the track a power packed feel. The minister orders his men to bring his son back and kill Salim, who has driven away and made it look like an automobile accident. Later, the minister receives a call from his son telling that Salim left him in the East Coast Road and escaped.

But he escapes with the police officer's pistol and goes straight to a hotel. Parthiepan among other attending the event. Gaana Bala's lyrics are an asset to the tune. The album begins in an auspicious manner with a traditional Muslim prayer performed well by Yusuf.

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Salim storms out of the party in rage. They go to a movie theatre and some goons tease Nisha, but Salim, instead of fighting back, chooses to take Nisha and leave the place. Bowled over by her mellifluous voice and beauty, Mughal prince Salim introduces himself to her as a soldier and the two fall in love, song brown rang by honey singh mp3 meeting regularly at the Anar pomegranate garden. Dummy Tappasu - Songs Review. All the tunes for all the songs and singers for both languages are the same.

His talent and nature earn wrath and jealousy of his colleagues. How to Make Andhra Chepala Pulusu.

First half of the film is a big let down. On the whole, Dr Saleem is a message oriented thriller which has its moments. The men chase the car with trucks and crash into it, only to find it was Salim who chose to leave the car and it was the minister's son who was driving inside.

Some confrontational scenes in the hospital, interval bang and climax episode have been narrated quite cleverly. Saravanan Fathima Vijay Antony. Director Nirmal Kumar manages to score decent points with his directional skills. On the way, he gets into a scuffle with a police officer Aruldoss and hits him, ending up in the police station. The romantic track between the lead pair does not the create the necessary effect.

Produced by Anjali Devi and her husband P. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. An upset Nisha leaves him for good, and Saleem also looses his job in this process.

Vijay Antony is also the film's music director. As their relationship progresses, Nishaa learns that Salim has dedicated himself to his work, so much so that he fails to take care of her and spend time with her, thus creating a rift between them. The way director Nirmal Kumar has executed this part is quite interesting.

This upsets Gulnar, the former court dancer, who has secret ambitions of marrying Salim. Sekhar as art director alongside Vali and Thota. The director has stretched the story and has added many unnecessary scenes right throughout the first half.

This track is the most fun-filled in the whole album as it packs a punch. Saleem Vijay Anthony is an orphan who studies hard to become a doctor. Rajesh Kumar Production company.

Filmography of Vedantam Raghavaiah. Meanwhile, a police sniper takes a shot at Salim but misses, and Salim throws one of the men out of a window.

Vijay Anthony does well and portrays different shades in his character decently. The album's finale is an ominous track sung well by Prabhu Pandala.

Dr Saleem (Salim) Songs

Its namesake Tamil-dubbed version was also successful. Continuing with the trend of dubbing flicks, yet another Tamil film has been dubbed in Telugu as Dr Saleem. This time, the minister arranges a car that is fixed with a bomb and remote detonator.

The music of the film was composed by Vijay Antony. He takes her to the hospital and misses the party.

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Poovarasam Peepee - Songs Review. Adinarayana Rao Anjali Devi. Camerawork is top notch and so are the production values. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The inevitable kuthu style of Vijay Anthony makes its presence here with interesting rhythm blended with rap lyrics. The album quickly changes to a contrasting trance mode reminding the listener of a popular Robert Miles track. These scenes not only get repetitive but also irritate the audience big time. Hemachandra in particular is at his usual best. During this time, Saleem also gets engaged to a girl named Nisha Aksha.

Download Salim 2014 Tamil movie mp3 songs

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For other uses, see Anarkali disambiguation. Story line of the film is routine and has been showcased in recent films like Temper and Patas.

He tells Chezhian to take him seriously to avoid more disastrous results. The same evening, he gets an invitation to a party from his hospital. He often goes out of his ways to help needy patients that come to him.