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DutchFighters Rose Online New server and got the most things working. Excelente estabilidade, sempre com novos equipamentos e roupas.

Come and join our community. We currently starting a closed beta period to find out if there is any glitches, tweaks to be done, bugs and issues to be solved. Server is hosted in Australia but it is very lag free! Ruff-rose online is a I rose server.

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Running on dedicated server so no lag. We'll also be hosting a forum board to report all of the encountered bugs, glitches and reports.

Even at normal difficulty setting you can't just storm into every fight on automatic settings and expect to come out alive. Rates are normal, close to real R. If you consider time spent without virtual rewards in a game to be a loss, then it makes sense to buy a scroll that doubles your rate of advancement.

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ROSE Online iRosePH Free to Play 3D Fantasy MMORPG

Rose gamers come come more rates more exp. Solarose Online Solarose Rose Online. Rose Online Private servers, guides, free free servers, information. Revo Online brings to the table a combination of all of your favorite features from irose, evo, wiper call software and pre-evo!

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News, Guides, Jobs, Images and many more. Now games like Champions Online, and since recently even World of Warcraft, have both. Please enable Java Script and reload this page. Fewest bugs you'll find anywhere.

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AlyaRose - iRose clone The newest iRose clone. Come now and test with us.

Pimpin Rose PimpinRose is now open. Welcome To Ruff-Rose Online. Moved to Upcoming Servers until officially live.

Also, please add a release date. But then you'll encounter some obstacles to progress, and are offered a way out by buying virtual stuff from the item shop.

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Some functions may be broken or not fully working, after all it's a beta for a reason. What is the difference between a commercial and a free mmorpg? Originally Posted by HeavenlyGifted. FunRose Welcome to FunRose, free online server! Gm Sells items and are always online.

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Loja de Itens e novidades. This means we don't require as much information as we would expect from a live running server so don't worry about adding everything you can think of. On the first post there are all the informations required to join the closed beta and participate in our discord if you want so. Free Rose Free Rose in developing. An example Well, I started playing, and did both a dwarf commoner warrior, and an elf mage, playing them until their stories converge.

Community is growing daily! Screenshot will follow shortly. See you all at closed beta!

Tell us to add the Category with the Contact Form. Originally Posted by blacksystem. Rose Revolution Join the Revolution! It's like first paying to enter a movie theatre, and then paying a second time to see the movie in fast forward instead of at normal speed, so you get to the end faster. As it is a lot easier to pick up various melee types for your party, playing a mage as your main guarantees you always have a healer around, plus excellent dps, which is a great tactical advantage.

Unfortunately, we can't add a spec list as of closed beta proceedings, unless you mean server host specs? After the beta will start, it will no longer be possible obtain game keys and thus you'll not be able anymore to participate and join the server, at least not until open beta will be released.

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Top Rose Online Private servers, free servers. We don't see many private servers currently online, so we decided to start a new one from scratch. Can anyone send me the tala test server clienet pls! The server will be managed by a professional team of developers from GamesHub new portal dedicated to gaming and games. This is mainly an English server but we accept everyone.

Nice community New Server Come and join us! AeonRose The Server to meet new people with a friendly community! First impression is that the mage is overpowered, having ranged magic dps, crowd control, and healing. We wish you a pleasant experience, see you in-game! Rose Servers, Supercheats, Datebase.

ROSE Online iRosePH Free to Play 3D Fantasy MMORPG