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Examples of warning messages are given in the following pages. For topping up or refilling with oil, use products approved by our technical de- partment. If with the standards currently in force in you have to replace it, make each country. Environment This commitment is illustrated by the less fuel eg.

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Unlock the rear door using the key or, for vehicles fitted with the system, use the remote control system. If the engine does not start after several attempts, contact an approved Dealer. Enjoy driving your new vehicle. It is not advisable to use the free fuse locations.

Moving forwards starting in neutral selector lever towards the right and The display on the instrument panel The gear display shows N and A. Close the dashboard vents for more effective demisting. Steering wheel Height and reach adjustment.

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Do not touch the bulb glass. With the wheels on the ground, tighten the nuts as fully as possible and check the tightness as soon as possible tight- ening torque Nm. Sliding windows and doors Before moving them, ensure that no passenger has part of their body outside the window or door. It is therefore recommended to e.

They are triggered at the side of the seats door side to protect the oc- cupants in the event of a severe side impact. You must also ing position, then ask all occupants comply with the legislation of the par- to adjust their seat belts to ensure ticular country you are in. Stop the vehicle, switch off the engine and ant temperature warning light and the contact an approved Dealer. The bulbs are under pres- sure and can break when replaced. Operating faults There is a risk of damage or of As a general rule, contact your ap- Fuel consumption fire.

Opening a front door or, depending on the vehicle, one of the other doors, treasure seekers visions of gold switches on all the courtesy lights. Demisting automatically stops demisting by default. It will latch automatically under its own weight. Lower the headrest until it locks in po- sition.

Left-hand dipped beam headlight. It is therefore recommended to pacts. You should take a minimum number of maintain the exterior of the vehicle reg- precautions in order to safeguard your Use solvents not approved by our ularly.

When the vehicle is driven on a sur- dashboard. This action may be carried out no more than four times for a maximum lighting period of two minutes.

Make sure that the rear bench seats are locked in position properly so that the Rear seat functions seat belts will operate effi- ciently. Do not use it for getting into or out of the vehicle. Faulty electrical circuit. Stop your engine and do not restart it. As soon as it starts, disconnect the cables in the re- battery from another vehicle verse order to the order of connection.

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It is not advisable to touch the electrical circuit in the key cover when Replacing the batteries replacing the battery. Place a plank of wood under the base plate if on soft ground. If it does not light up when the ignition is switched on, or comes on when the engine is running, there is a fault in the system. The engine can now be restarted.

This offers support and can be held when the vehicle is being driven. Driving This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later in the model year. The blower deter- mines how much air enters the passen- ger compartment, but vehicle speed also has some influence on this. If you always fit genuine replacement parts to your vehicle, you will ensure that it performs well. Engine identification plates.

The cool- Engine cooling fan not working. Once deactivated, the system can be reactivated by pressing the button again for longer than approximately three seconds. Position the central hubcap, tighten the nuts and unscrew the jack. Faulty electrical controls. Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected a Total mileage and trip mileage recorder.

Renault Clio Workshop Repair Manual pages. Automobile Renault Kangoo Handbook pages. Also See for Trafic Workshop repair manual - pages Driver's handbook manual - pages. Driver's Handbook Manual pages. Automatic mode is selected by default every time the ignition is switched on.

These options are ex- plained on the following pages. Fit the emergency spare wheel in place on the central hub. The passenger compartment is ven- tilated by blown air.

Open the door as far as possible. Free the blades before using the wipers. Push the Switch on the ignition.

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Consult an approved dealer. All the air is directed towards the wind- screen and front side window demist- ing vents. These buttons allow you to increase or decrease ventilation speed. If you fail to follow this recommendation, you risk damaging your vehicle.

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