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It's hard summing up the profound effect of a nonstop, however-many-hundred-mile ride, yet Troy Gentry needs just ten words in the first line of this adrenaline-pumping road song. Part country twang, part roadhouse blues, Dwight's dark classic jam finds our hero contemplating ruin while he's being taken for a ride. The track listing was released on A.

So, it's undeniably fitting that the song that also bared their namesake is a beautiful, haunting piece wherein the spirit rides the road, even in death. It's a tune about leaving your daily troubles behind and finding freedom where the pavement ends. If it's the right road, it'll lead to some pretty beautiful places. Willie, Waylon, Kris and Johnny were the outlaw country troubadours.

Before you hit the highway on your next road trip, make sure you've got a playlist full of road-tested tunes. Son, never mind them brakes, Jerry sings in the theme song from the classic film Smokey and the Bandit. The track drifts from Sufi tones to a hard rock number through its length.

Rahman has transmitted all his magic into one album. The film stars Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. Rahman's official website. Rahman's music is haunting and resonates with the film beautifully.

Imtiaz Ali had directed a special video with A. Throw in a wild getaway and you've got a classic tale of freedom found in living dangerously. Rahman's music, if not more.

Discography Awards and nominations. Eyes would never have fallen upon Mary. The rowdy times wouldn't have led to redemption. It's all about following your true compass, and sometimes that means having to leave early the next morning.

Highway is the soundtrack album, composed by A. It is a musical piece trying to capture the sounds in character Veera's mind as she travels along the highway. The genius has made the most of the folk tradition and thus paid respect to India's indigenous music culture that seldom finds a mention these days. Big guitars and a thumping drum kit drive this tune, wherein everything from parking lots to the Western sky reminds Dierks of that one love.

According to composer Rahman, he used a region as musical inspiration, while for others, he used the characters as the jumping off point to creating a song. The slow groove and nostalgic lyrics reminisce over carefree summers spent with great friends and exciting new love. Joyous when he counts down the miles. In the end, all these sights seen out the car window just push him farther down the road to hopefully find a new memory that doesn't ring her name. Unbearable when he leaves.

Highway to Hell

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These are important, and most would probably say required, elements of the Honky Tonk experience. Imtiaz strongly felt that the song must be recorded in Rahman sir's voice to make it more gratifying in its high notes. For those counting, we even included two extra songs! If it weren't for that road, so much would have been missed. Digital soundtrack cover art.

The result is for all of us to see. Alia was made to sing to add more poignancy to the scene. Absolutely mind-blowing and soulful.

Highway Kings By Sukhi Grewal Manjinder Singh and others... Full Mp3 Album

Leaving that cheater may be hard, but the freedom and new opportunity can build a lot of strength. We spent quite a few days working on it.

Train whistle cries, lost on its own track, he sings during the hillbilly romp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Those were soundtracks that made the director's films get initial as well as repeat value!

Country stars, from Kenny Chesney to Carrie Underwood, are also big fans of football season. All I had to do was work on the pronunciations. Given the situation in the movie, any English song would have fit, however, Rahman decided to compose an original piece.

Maahi Ve (Highway)

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However, the problem is it lacks popular appeal, for you appreciate the songs as long as they last on screen, but don't hum the tunes once you make an exit from the auditorium. But each of its numbers is so intoxicating that I promise you will have one hell of a hard time to get these songs off a loop. We've scoured the lists and compiled our picks for the top country love songs. Add this one to the playlist for your highway drives, eurostile mn extended bold memorize it and try to sing along!

Songs From The Highway

Highway To Hell

Rodney feels your pain in this sweet summertime song about hitting the road with your honey. The only hitch was his Punjabi diction, but we soon came up with a solution. The background score, also by Rahman, is minimal, but effective.