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We guarantee that MediaWiper will work for you and our technical support team is there if you need help. Detto is no stranger to moving files between computers. Sometimes you never find the applications and just have to buy them again.

Move2Mac - complete package Series Specs

Move2Mac - complete package Series Specs

From Detto Technologies Inc

IntelliMover lets you quickly and easily transfer files like e-mail, music, photos, files, folders, computer settings and more from one computer to another. Do yourself a favor and look at a Mac. Performs daily or weekly automatic cleaning scans, set on your schedule. Transfer Files With IntelliMover's Wizard Unlike other programs that transfer files, latest android applications 2012 IntelliMover instantly enables you to quickly transfer files from one computer to another at high speed. WipeDrive deletes everything.

Transferring your data is made easy with IntelliMover's east-to-use, step-by-step wizard. Simple and Easy All of your personal files are securely wiped with the powerful process of WipeDrive SystemSaver but not your operating system or applications. Does not require a user to be logged in to perform a scheduled cleaning. Even after deleting files, reformatting a hard drive, or creating partitioning a disk, traces of confidential information remain. You then open them in Netscape for Macintosh.

All iterations of the Microsoft Windows operating system retain traces of credit cards, passwords, bank routing numbers, and more, even after files are deleted. Even so, it is a persuasive dollars-for-time proposition. All folder hierarchies are maintained. World's only software solution to erase everything except operating system and wanted applications.

Using MediaWiper for peace of mind Most financial programs will back up data to removable media such as diskettes or memory cards. All the others are uninstalled and securely erased. Without removing any of your existing files and programs, SecureClean improves your computer performance and prevents identity theft. If your looking for a way of targeting just the problem files than SecureClean is probably a better solution.

You are then presented with a list of all the programs discovered on your hard drive and prompted to select those you wish to keep. Securely delete your personal data from removable drives All data will be destroyed. Automatically eliminates traces of compromising personal identity information. Perhaps you went the extra mile and verified that certain files were deleted. Fortunately most modern file types i.


Microsoft Office documents, images, music, movies are cross platform. Click here to see who is using MediaWiper.

You may have already formatted your computer. Major Fortune companies, government agencies, and users all over the world trust MediaWiper to sanitize disk data. WipeDrive improves your computers speed by removing all programs, applications, and files that drain your computer's power and memory.

IntelliMover makes your new computer look like your old computer - only better! Securely erase confidential information and get the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to requiring the use of a proprietary cable, the company makes you type a long serial number and activate the software over the Internet.

The best way to resolve this issue to save your time and money is not deleting them in the first place. Migrate hundreds files and settings by selectively choosing what data you want to transfer. Reclaim disk space wasted by redundant information caches.

Cons Overly aggressive copy protection Doesn't transfer e-mail. Want to Keep Your Operating System? Stand back as your stuff is copied into the correct places on the Mac.

As the technology community grows, knowledge of how to access such information becomes more widely spread. Finally, Detto's piracy paranoia is a bit excessive. Clean Hard Drive Even after deleting files your computer still retains traces of passwords, credit card numbers, emails, web history, and more.

Identity thieves know this and make it an easy target. Removable media often has the habit of getting misplaced or discarded. WipeDrive improves your computer's speed by removing unnecessary programs and files that drain your computer's power and memory.

This tool performs regular scans set on your schedule, maintains your computer's high performance, and gives you continued protection against identity theft. Anti-Theft Protection As with other WhiteCanyon products, SecureClean protects you and your family from identity theft by guaranteeing a secure erase of sensitive information. Transfer Files the Easy Way! Pros Whittles hours of work down to a fewmouse clicks.

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