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If you do not want to record your voice but still need to explain the images to the viewer you can use Screen notes. Features Region or full screen capture Hotkey control Built-in codec Sound recording possible HyperCam does not offer tons of features, but it has enough of them to achieve its goal. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,!

There are two main tabs available, namely Record and Options. It does its job well when used for basic tasks.

Summary i think all youtube video makers should have this product! Hoping kind person will help me?

Whether you are a professional recording a tutorial or you just want to show your friends how to play Solitaire, HyperCam is a good option for recording your desktop actions. Sound from your system microphone is also recorded. HyperCam Download HyperCam is a useful tool that can be used to capture screens of your desktop and save them in avi format, so that they can be played by any media player. Pros Records as it should Cons Does not save when I choose to save it unless it is in the saving folder. HyperCam supports text annotations, sound, and screen notes great for creating automated software demos.

Capture live action computer activity on your Windows machine with this free utility. These files can be useful as teaching tools, to demonstrate software, as a start for animation, and for many other uses. Rather, Hypercam is intended to create regular software presentations, tutorial, demos etc. What do you need to know about free software? The mighty dollar sure done away with that statement.

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With this option you can really explain every action at the moment that you are doing it. If you want to try it for re-recording other movie clips, please read this first. Allows you to pan the recorded area around the screen.

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Summary you can download it if you want it's not bad bud i don't recommend it! It is intended to record screen actions, video, webcam and edit captured files. Detaching and extension of Recent records. Grab your stuff while you still can. Allow you to pan the recorded area around the screen.

HyperCam is a useful tool that can be used to capture screens of your desktop and save them in avi format, so that they can be played by any media player. Sometimes this is preferred because viewers will see with their eyes exactly what you mean.

Contains adware no matter what you don't want installed yes it's bundled. HyperCam has six tabs on top of the program window and they provide users with access to all features and options that the application offers. Summary It could use a screen saver and monitor pkg from not shutting down.

HyperCam is comprehensive and easy to work with, but deals with quite demanding tasks. Fast and lossless trimming and joining output files gets available with HyperCam Media Editor. Movies captured with HyperCam can be used for software presentations, demos, tutorials, software training, lotus notes 9 and for fun activities. The volume setting on your speakers affects how loud you can record.

The main buttons at the bottom like Start Recording, Start Paused, Play, Defaults, and Help, remain static even while opening different tabs. WebCam and Screen combination with adjustable size, position and preview. The output file can also be customized by changing the frame rate separate for area and cursor and selecting the video compressor that will be used. Some seconds after installation i was already capturing a selected region successfully. Your report was sent successfully.

Simply install the software and create manuals, tutorials or presentations. HyperCam is a powerful video capture software that can record actions performed on a Windows desktop and also records sound. Twitch, Facebook and Youtube streaming of game session or video blogging. HyperCam is free, and has always been a welcomed member of my professional toolbox.

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HyperCam is not intended for re-recording other video clips that play on your screen e. Pros It can record game and voice at the same time which is great Cons Can't record game, voice, and game sound at the same time Summary Great for making videos on youtube. Modernized good looking screen notes. HyperCam supports text annotations, sound, and screen notes for creating automated software demos and software training.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In order to optimize the size of the video file the program can be configured to record the entire screen, a window or you can select the exact area that you work on. The application is a good tool for presentations because it can record sound from the computer or from a microphone.

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Hyper cam is quite easy to use. The recording session can be controlled by your mouse or by a number of hotkeys.

Please note that HyperCam is not intended for re-recording of other video clips from the screen e. For the main actions such as starting or pausing the recording, the application allows you to define shortcut keys and keyboard combinations.