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This software update has been tested to help optimize device performance, resolve known issues and apply the latest security patches. Avira Software Updater is just the free, limited version of the paid edition that has additional features. You'll have the option to Install Now or Install Later.

Don't disconnect the device from the computer or power off the device until the update completes. If there is an update available you can install it immediately, or wait until later.

Follow the download link below to see which programs Thor Free is capable of auto-updating. What We Don't Like Can't download or install updates automatically Finds less updates than similar software updaters The lack of settings makes it way less customizable than other programs. What We Like It's easy to see what's outdated Installs updates for you Can run on a schedule Supports hundreds of software programs.

By no means do you have to use a software updater to update your outdated software. You can also configure Update Notifier to scan a particular folder outside the regular program files location.

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If the device is password protected, a notice to unlock the device appears. Images may vary depending upon device type. Everything is done from inside the program, and you can clearly see the old and updated version numbers and sometimes release dates for comparison. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, or make sure it has a strong Verizon Wireless network connection. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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You can update all of them at once, or uncheck the ones you don't want to patch or, of course, let the scheduled auto-updates do it for you automatically. Maybe you'll want to skip a version or two if it isn't a huge deal, but either way, you can very obviously see on this screen how much newer the update really is. The only way to stop it is to pull out the battery. Next steps and additional links Please allow additional time for the apps on your device to continue to download after the software update. The download process takes minutes depending on the network speed of the computer.

Upload and back up your contacts, pictures, videos, music, documents and more. Since this is the free version, you don't get the features that are only in the pro edition, like malware detection and website blocking. Thank you for your feedback!

It also includes recommended programs and makes them just one click away. You'll see a download notification pop-up on the top left side of your device screen after a server initiated software update. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Thor Free checks for updates every few hours by default but you can turn off automatic scanning if you prefer.

What We Don't Like The interface isn't as clean as most software updater tools. Download Avira Software Updater. Roaming If your device is roaming, it won't be able to initiate any software update connections, including network-initiated and user-initiated sessions. Compared to similar programs, this updater seems to find a good number of outdated programs but unfortunately, microsoft works program it's limited in a number of ways.

Go to a local store for more info, maybe they can help you without losing the warranty of your phone. As you can see in the screenshot above, the current and new program version number is clearly stated so that you know how outdated the program is. The Check new option under Settings, Software update will be grayed out.

10 Free Software Updater Programs

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Like some of the other program updaters from this list, Update Notifier also lets you ignore updates. There are lots of optional settings you can enable, like disabling silent installs, enabling beta updates, forcing programs to shut down before updating them and many others. As long as the software is based on android, the method is typically the same for each phone. Software Upgrade Assistant Tool If you don't have a strong connection to Wi-Fi or the Verizon Wireless network, you may not be able to perform a software update over the air.

Download FileHippo App Manager. The version numbers are clearly visible so you can quickly glance at the outdated and updated versions. Then, depending on the updater, will either point you to the newer download on the developer's site or maybe even do the downloading and updating for you!

Then again, you shouldn't really need to have the program open often because it will do everything in the background, so you can really just install it and forget about it. You won't be able to use your wireless device during the upgrade process. It can update automatically for you or just notify you when updates are available. If there is no upgrade available, then the Upgrade button on the Home summary page is disabled.

What We Like Automatically performs a virus scan on all updates Updates can be found for lots of programs Also works as a third-party Windows Update tool and software uninstaller. It can even search for beta releases. Select your device from the list table then click the Upgrade button. FileHippo App Manager can optionally hide beta updates, scan for outdated programs on a schedule every day, add custom install folders, and exclude any program from showing up in the update results.

Software Upgrade Assistant (HTC) - Software Update

The ones that do need updating are labeled as requiring a minor update or a major one so you can quickly decide which programs you may want to update. Before downloading updates, the setup files are even scanned for viruses, which is really helpful. Find out fast in My Verizon. What We Don't Like Updates an extremely minimal number of programs Shows several things that only upgraded users can take advantage of.

The program supports single updates, bulk updates, and even automatic updates. What We Like The list of outdated programs is displayed within the software Checks for outdated software automatically The interface is minimal and easy to use. Swipe down on the notification bar to see download progress. Update Notifier installs in seconds and can monitor software installations in the background to notify you when a program needs to be updated. If prompted, disable device lock setting then reconnect the wireless device.

Update your outdated software with one of these free tools

Windows Server and are also supported. There also aren't any many settings that come bundled with it, so you can't do things like hide programs from being updated or enable beta updates. If you don't want to use mobile data, then just turn off mobile data in your Settings for now. This may corrupt the update if it has already started loading.

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