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HandHeld 1.3.1 Mobile Plugin

Admin general settings Admin devices settings Menu settings Theme settings. It rescales all the elements on your page, which includes your images too. Issue where html would be output for social media links when none are set. That is why so many companies are adapting a mobile only version of their websites. Make certain to leave your feedback and let us know how we're doing!

After you install and configure the plugin, HandHeld will work alongside your default theme, and will only be displayed to your mobile visitors. HandHeld is included in the standard Elegant Themes membership. HandHeld Mobile Plugin HandHeld is a WordPress plugin that works alongside your normal theme, wedding background video effects hd serving an alternate layout to your mobile visitors.

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Top 10 Plugins That Make Your Site Mobile-Responsive

Speak Your Mind Click here to cancel reply. Replace your current theme with a mobile-only theme. Using a Responsive theme is one of the best approaches to make your WordPress site mobile compatible. Support replied that I should ask Google because only they understand their algorithms.

Twitter Google Plus Facebook. This is not surprising seeing as this plugin was made by Elegant Themes. Find out more about my experiences with HostGator. Bug where automatically-chosen font colors were wrong.

Install customized themes with this plugin, and install mobile friendly settings too. The number of items shown in each section can also be changed and there is an option to change the background colour of page too. And, once again, this sort of thing may be suitable for your website. Hope your guideline will help users to take a decision to use one from this list for their site.

Having a responsive website that works on desktop and mobile devices used to be a mere option, but these days it is downright necessary. Once again, you can access the website on a desktop computer, but it will look the same way it does on a mobile device. Add further functions to impress your viewers such as collapsible menus, widgets, dynamic page loading, touch-optimized layouts and cross-platform compatibility.

Your regular desktop theme is left intact, and will continue to show for your non-mobile visitors. Configuring settings should only take a few minutes from start to finish as all you are doing is setting your icons and selecting which sections you want displayed on your home page. HandHeld HandHeld is a plugin that will work with any theme, even if you are not using one from ElegantThemes.

You can download the product after purchase by a direct link on your Purchase History page. This is not some upgrade or pricy add-on. Added additional sanitization and escaping to data pulled saved to and pulled from the database. The user can still switch between mobile and desktop versions, and there are three options available for letting users switch, which are via a widget, template tag or footer option. Each of these sections can be disabled at the bottom of the settings area.

Every once in a while a WordPress Plugin comes along that is so great and genius it deserves special mention. Change theme settings in the WordPress Customizer! And this is not necessary to say more on the importance of making the website mobile responsive.

And get products updates also! Will it slow down my blog, or increase my server load? When browsing on a wireless mobile connection, it is always important to reduce the loading times of your website. However, there are some websites and brands that benefit from keeping it simple. In the free version, the newest changes have more to do with under the hood improvements for speed and performance in the theme, and of course the new admin panel making setup faster and easier.

Custom field-based thumbnails are now displayed in post listings, related posts, featured slider, and at top of posts. It features on this list because it is good at picking the right theme. HandHeld is a plugin that will work with any theme, even if you are not using one from ElegantThemes. Not just with the great way the plugin works, but with the really fantastic support the authors give to any questions.

This is not ideal for a great many websites as many websites have more options and functions on the desktop website. Please see the user manual for additional information. This last option can be turned on and off. For sites that redirect mobile visitors to a landing page other than their latest posts page, added option to select on which page the featured slider is shown.

HandHeld Plugin Review - WPHubKB HomeScreen plugin for Windows Mobile/Windows embedded Handheld

Handheld/Mobile Product Filter Preset

The article shared here is very much consistent to now a days as using mobile is a common matter for almost every people all over the world. Furthermore, they took special care to make the mobile theme as lightweight as possible to ensure faster loading times. Affordable Prices Our prices are much lower than developers. After about an hour, The theme menu, search and slid stop working. For me, one of the main benefits of the plugin is not having to worry about styling.

Feel free to change, reuse modify and extend it. Please note that we are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited. Bug where backslashes were being stripped from shortcode display.

Set up the plugin and load your mobile themes. If you have a WordPress blog that still needs to be optimized for mobile viewing, use the plugins listed below. We buy the original files from the developers. Also adds option in admin to disable this functionality. Duda is also very good plugin to build a Mobile Website.


Brand your mobile site exactly to your requirements by changing colors, fonts, logos and backgrounds. After this period, you have to purchase the item again to receive further updates, we also we offer lifetime updates as a second option. Additional core theme support items. Lastly i would like to say that the article shared here is very informative to make any one amused. Would and have recommend this plugin to others.

Do let me know which method you prefer to make your WordPress site mobile friendly? For example, you may find that a certain mobile device restricts access to your website or creates usability bugs. This is another plugin that helps you turn your website into a mobile-only website.

This plugin will help make your website responsive through the use of responsive themes. On the other hand using these mobile people are relating with internet. Tabs on the left, settings on the right.

HandHeld 1.3.1 Mobile Plugin

Here are the top ten plugins to make your website responsive. One that optimizes your blog for mobile viewing is the Mobile Theme feature. Read the documentation about Webmasters Mobile Guideline on how to create and improve your mobile site. Obox Mobile is the first WordPress mobile plugin with a sidebar for all your favourite widgets as well as search, categories, latest posts and more. Maintenance Elegant Themes Plugins.