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This tutorial will show you have to go around the corner of a project when doing the blanket stitch. If you struggle with French knots, try colonial knots instead. This stitch is easily confused with outline stitch, and although the two are very similar, they are different. Please see our Affiliate Statement for more information.

Another Great Series for your Bookshelf! Click on the letter below to go to stitch names that begin with that letter. This video is on how to hand embroider a chain stitch.

Alternate names for the stitches are found in parentheses after each stitch. Pictures of Hand Embroidery.

Choose the method you find easier. Try working this stitch all in one color for a textured appearance or in two colors for a fun contrast.

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The scroll stitch is an elegant, decorative and highly textured stitch that resembles scrolls, waves or water and can be worked along straight or curved lines. This highly textured surface embroidery stitch is wider than a standard chain stitch, making it perfect for use in wide bands and rows.

How To Do Hand Embroidery

All you need to do is bookmark this link and check back often to see what new videos have been added. You can also click on the image below and that will take you to the playlist where all the videos in this series will live indefinitely. As I add new videos to this hand embroidery series they will be archived in a video playlist where you will be able to access each one of them without having to search!

Namaste Embroidery

This guide, with tips for keeping even tension on your knot, will get you started. You can work the individual stitches or knots close together or with some space between them to vary the look of this stitch. Some sample stitches I will teach you how to make in a future video! It starts with back stitch, followed by a series of simple looped stitches that give it a more complex look.

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Basic, flat satin stitch is an easy and beautiful filling stitch that can be used to fill smaller areas. If so, what kind do you prefer? Chain Stitch and Variations. It is worked as a thin line and can be used to outline embroidered shapes, as flower and plant stems, and in tendrils. The colonial knot looks similar to a French knot, but it is a tighter and sturdier knot used in surface embroidery, especially candlewick embroidery.

Getting StartedLearn Embroidery With 32 Helpful Stitch Instructions

In this first video I go over the supplies I recommend for hand embroidery! Backstitch Video This video will show you how to hand embroider the backstitch which is a common outline stitch used in counted cross stitch and embroidery. When will the next hand embroidered video be out? You'll use this teardrop or petal shaped stitch frequently as accents, scattered fill stitching and in all kinds of floral embroidery. This stitch can be worked in straight or curved lines, cocktail hindi songs for or for assembly when finishing an embroidery project.

Quick and to the point, love it. Spider web stitch resembles its namesake and is worked by stitching a base of straight stitches, followed by wrapping the thread around those stitches. Mary Corbet writer and founder. The tutorial shows how to end the blanket stitch if you have two layers of fabric and if you have one layer of fabric. Bullion Rose Bud Video Tutorial.

What I enjoy most about hand embroidery is how small, portable and relaxing it is. Alternating or Checkered Chain Stitch.

Standard or basic straight stitch is a simple embroidery stitch created using a straight, long stitch individually or in patterns. Floss - How to Separate Strands of Embroidery Floss This video will show you how to quickly and easily separate strands of embroidery floss without tangling. This stitch is worked just like its name says, splitting through the previous stitch and forming a solid line with a rough texture. Learn how to do the lazy daisy stitch with this video.

One of the most basic stitches to learn is split stitch, useful for working straight and curved outlines. Notify me of new posts by email.

The tutorial was posted last week. This creates a strong stitch when used for sewing, but it's also great for working a line in two colors. It can be worked freestyle or counted using an evenweave fabric.

Please be advised that some of the product and other links displayed above may be affiliate links. It's beautiful worked as tree branches, ferns, or seaweed in a project.