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There was also a third royal female attested during Djoser's reign, but her name is destroyed. Manetho's figure appears to be more accurate, according to Wilkinson's analysis and reconstruction of the Royal Annals. These forms would eventually lead to the standard pyramid tomb in the later Old Kingdom. Some fragmentary reliefs found at Heliopolis and Gebelein mention Djoser's name and suggest he commissioned construction projects in those cities. He also sent expeditions there to mine for valuable minerals such as turquoise and copper.

Como se le llamaba al gobernante de india, china y egipto

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Because of his many substantial building projects, particularly at Saqqara, some scholars argue Djoser must have enjoyed a reign of nearly three decades. Her cult seems to have still been active in the later reign of Sneferu.

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Some consider this ancient inscription as a legend at the time it was inscribed. His most famous monument was his step pyramid, villancico inventado yahoo dating which entailed the construction of several mastaba tombs one over another.

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The Sinai was also strategically important as a buffer between the Nile valley and Asia. Also, he may have fixed the southern boundary of his kingdom at the First Cataract.