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Last summer, my garden was blessed by a particularly fecund watermelon vine. It essentially means fertilization. An important thing to note about this use of fecund is that it doesn't just imply a considerable intellect.

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For Maria, long walks in the woods were an excellent way of fecundating her mind with creative thoughts. This verb refers to the action of making something prolific or allowing something to reproduce. You, poor sap, have just learned a practical lesson about what it means to be fecund. The noun form of fecund, fecundity can refer to fertility as in your baby-making skills or intellectual productivity. Those that are said to be fecund, such as guppies in a fishbowl or a growth of wisteria vines, plus size women dating site free are understood to be reproducing at an explosive rate.

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Despite an unassuming appearance, a handful of seeds has the potential to fecundate a garden. Aware that rabbits have a reputation of being fecund, Lisa was hesitant to have one as a pet despite her fondness for them. Fecund can also characterize an organism as having the capability to breed rapidly rather than as actually doing so. Flipping through her daughter's notebooks, Maria was amazed by the girl's fecundity.

Instead, it denotes intellectual productivity, characterizing those whose new thoughts are in abundance. This form of fecundate indicates when a third person singular subject he, she, or it impregnates someone or causes something to be prolific.

Fecund - Meaning, Usage, Examples - WinEveryGame Lexicon

The -ing form of fecundate is usually used when someone or something is currently causing another to produce. So you get a fish bowl and a couple of nice looking guppies - that's safe and easy, right? The simple past-ed and past participle-en form of fecundate is used when a subject impregnated something or made something productive at a past time.

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Conrad uses fecund to describe the untamed scenery, characterizing it as abundant in vegetation and teeming with primal life force. And then they start getting pregnant, and then the original guppies get pregnant again, and now you're begging your relatives and neighbors to take some of the multitude off your hands.

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This makes the word apropos for describing the overall health or status of a general population. Figuratively, to be fecund is to have a highly intelligent, productive mind. From the first ovary fecundation to the last stage of fetal development, the book documents the birth of a new human being in beautiful detail. An attic full of home-made gadgets was evidence of Manny's fecund thought process.