It took some getting used to

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But if I had any reason to return it, i don't believe i would ever be able to fit it down the stairs again. Still getting used to the pillow but it was free so I am not complaining - its firmer than my previous pillows so I am adjusting to it over time. It comes vacuum packed and needs to be unrolled and left for several hours so that it reaches its maximum capacity. Pocket sprung mattress varieties with multiple firmness options.

Overall Comfort Customers report feeling a good amount of comfort from their Dormeo mattresses. The smell took a long time to fade though Delighted Delighted with my new mattress. Their mattresses feature buzz-worthy materials like Aloe Vera infusion and anti-allergenic foams.

But if I had any reason

Once durability is an issue, spinal alignment can be an issue too. Although, for the price I am not complaining as it is still a good mattress. His body is perfectly supported from top to toe and he has a very relaxed deep sleep. Would recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers from aches and pains. It comes rolled up, and then you open it and roll it out.

It's very thin, which you don't notice when sleeping on it due to the foam they've used. Hard, couldn't get it to shape my neck or head.

Still getting used to

It does the job It does the job. Overall, customers have good things to say about these mattresses, but there were some that reported dipping and initial pressure discomfort in some models. The Dormeo bed has a bounce to it that other beds don't. Some initial comfort and durability concerns.