Really I was just guessing

Docky weather not updating

Sponsored Links On iPhone X, you need to press and hold both side button and volume up button. This is not what I desire. This became a big problem for debugging and made it very difficult to make serious changes to Docky without breaking things. The problem should be gone now.

Have tried shutting down both the weather app on the watch and the phone but once I launch the app on the watch, it keeps going back to the earlier location. Really I was just guessing. Additionally, much of the classes had become muddled together, each containing references to their parent class and passing that on to sub classes and so on. It will spin endlessly with no progress and I end up closing the app. So I fixed things, or am fixing things.

Jignesh Padhiyar You rely on the Weather app to get real-time updates regarding temperature and accurate forecasts. On your iPhone, launch Watch app. Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue When Apple Watch is not updating weather, you should follow three possible solutions listed here. Enter your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode if prompted.

So, make sure you are on the right line. We made many refinements as a result of this feedback.

This is not what I desire

To restart your smartwatch, press and hold the side button. This way we can keep the interest of those who wish to write plugins and allow those who just want to see the shinies to skip ahead. If you are using cellular on your iPhone, make sure Weather app has access to your data.

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