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You always worry as a parent. Nowitzki was tricked into raising his hand during an auction that resulted in him making a major donation in exchange for a Rolando Diaz painting. Such was the case in his African wedding to Jessica Olsson.

Tricked into Rolando Diaz painting, the forward hoped to score a date with Olsson who worked at a Dallas art gallery. There were hundreds and hundreds of people there. They have lived in Sweden basically her entire life. It was literally like a whole-day event.

In true Kenyan tradition, Nowitzki had to identify his wife in a group of five or six covered Kenyan women. Pick wrong and Dirk would be giving up a goat. The plan is to visit both Germany and Kenya yearly to learn about and embrace their heritages. That is just the way I was raised. Anyone who has anything negative to say about this must be miserable.

Nowitzki has embraced every part of the Kenyan culture, including African music, food, and their traditions, including the cutting of a goat at their Kenyan ceremony. They really threw us a really traditional Kenyan wedding. He also agreed to go on two dates for charity.

The traditional Kenyan wedding in her hometown of Nanyuki was a new experience for both the bride and groom. Olsson has been living in Dallas for about a dozen years and has lots of friends and some family there, too. They brought five or six girls out and they were all covered. We were gone for three months this past summer. The bride wore a traditional Kikuyu garment while the groom was in a dark brown traditional outfit with orange hues.

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You'd think the negroes on the team would take heed but self hate is a mfer I guess. The Nowitzki bunch has grown to include a daughter and two sons. The couple wed in and had ceremonies in both Germany and Kenya. If you get it wrong, you got to pay the parents a goat or something.

To no surprise, the free-spirited, comical and fun-loving German relaxed, danced to African music and even had an encounter with a helpless goat. Her mother is from Nanyuki, Kenya, a market town located northwest of Mount Kenya that was founded by British settlers and is the home of the Kenya Air Force. If so, Nowitzki would like to play in it.