All woods produce creosote

Dating wood stoves

The charts indicate the year of patent and help narrow down the age of your stove. Other wood-burning stoves types are also being introduced to these communities, such as rocket stoves and haybox stoves.

Smoke stays in the house, where it is breathed in by the residents, harming their health. There also exist hybrid stoves that employ both catalytic and non-catalytic secondary combustion. Modern stoves will burn the vapors, either via direct secondary combustion or via a catalyst.

Carl Johan Cronstedt is reported to have increased efficiency of wood-burning stoves by a factor of eight in the midth century. In other words, a piece of hardwood would usually be heavier and have more available energy than the same sized piece of softwood. This is one reason why softwood pellets for pellet stoves are popular.

This section needs additional citations for verification. The highest heating efficiencies on closed appliances can be attained by controlling the various supplies of air to the stove operating the air controls correctly. Cast iron stoves in particular can be extremely heavy so use care when attempting to move them.

Often the volatiles were not completely burned, resulting in energy loss, chimney tarring, and atmospheric pollution. To overcome this, the pyrolyzing stove was developed. Keeping the air flowing correctly through a wood-burning stove is essential for safe and efficient operation of the stove. It leaves the wood in gaseous form. To have your cookstove identified, email images of your stove to museum dowagiac.

The highest heating

If a flue is coated with creosote and ignited, perhaps by a spark going up the flue, it can cause a serious chimney fire that can lead to a structure fire. When soot blocks the airflow through the stove pipes or chimney, smoke can build up in the stove pipes and in the house.

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