Senility is changes you severely

Dating with 30 year age difference

Granted, the age difference there was less, but the advice is the same - you're at a point in your life where you have the right to decide what makes you happy. She loves my dad, it is just extremely hard. However, my mom is very happy she found my dad. My moms dad died two years ago of heart failure. My mother is a nurse by training and my dad is a retired surgeon.

Lets face it when you getIf you like her that's really

However, my mom is very dedicated to my brothers and myself. Matter of fact, such a person is likely to approach everything in a non-traditional way.

My dad has provided for my mother and has ensured she has way more than enough money that she will ever need. If she's close to an inner circle of friends they might dissuade her from dating you, were she to ask their advice. But the flip side is also true - if they're an open-minded bunch and she asks them, they may say go for it. My moms training gives her the ability to care for such an older spouse but my dad has the ability to confuse things. Senility is changes you severely.

If you like her, that's really the most important thing. Lets face it, when you get older you lose control of your bowls and urine control.

The risk of rejection would be there even if you were the same age, same level of education, same salary, same everything. Someone who's able to vocalize what they feel and why is more likely to approach a non-traditional relationship positively. So, in short, I believe age isn't a factor in love as long as you realize that you can't stop the aging process.

You sound like a lovely person to me. But a couple of cautions are in order. Second, see if she's an independent-minded thinker.

She feels that my dad was a gift to her because she feared that she would never get married and would die alone. If she's a traditionalist she might find your interest off-putting. Well, I'm twenty now, my mom is in her fifties and my dad is in his eighties.

If she seems more mature than her peers, or has expressed to you that there's something she likes about you, it's something you might consider doing.