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It appears that the tomb is being pulled in very different directions by two equally determined groups of people. In the documentary we are shown a crowd that forms quickly and the aggressive nature of the locals demanding that filming be stopped. Prince by descent, he was pious and saintly and had given up earthly pursuits.

He spent all his time in prayers and meditation. Shalimar Bagh Abode of love was built in the year A. And this was inevitable, for Jesus as had said in so many words that he had been sent to the lost sheep of Israel. The local Muslims are also opposed to research along these lines, and strongly believe that Jesus Christ as could not have a physical tomb on earth, having been lifted to the Heavens.

Shankaracharya Temple is located at ft. Do not use your primary email address or real names if you do not feel comfortable doing so. Muhammed Azam states that the tomb is of a foreign prophet and prince, Yuzasuf, or in modern local Kashimiri transcription Youza Asouph. WhatsApp Web's user interface is based on the default Android one. Cumulatively they produced an article that overstated its case.

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You may modify or delete your matrimonial advertisement any time. Carved Footprints The carved footprints are one of the distinctive features of the tomb and one of the main clues in helping us identify the person buried there. The structure was previously maintained by the local community, but is now maintained by a board of directors consisting of Sunni Muslims. It is known as the tomb of this very Yuz Asaf. Within is a shrine to Youza Asouph.

However, this state of affairs is still worrying. However, the rest of the opinions in this quote provide a fascinating insight into some of the facts about the tomb, that appears to have been preserved from earlier times.

Shankaracharya Temple is located at

Robert Beckford remained open-minded to the possibility that Yuz Asaf was Jesus. Scholars and Researchers This level of evidence in support of the theory has attracted writers and scholars from a variety of backgrounds.

He was a scholar who had travelled to many countries in order to research material for his book. Then Yuz Asaf, after roaming about in many cities, reached that country which is called Kashmir. Dr Hassnain suffered personal threats against him and his family in connection with his research at the tomb.

There are concerns that the tomb and the identity of its inhabitant will be obscured as much as possible by the current caretakers. This step does not require administrator's approval.

Researchers including Dr Fida Hassnain, have stated that the direction of the actual grave of Yuz Asaf is in an East-West facing direction. We just cleaned the surface and there I felt feet impressions, and looking at them it appeared they had wound marks. Around the tomb at Roza Bal began to gain popularity among western tourists as the possible tomb of Jesus. Direction of the Grave Direction of the Grave Photo courtesy of Nadimur Rehman The next piece of evidence is the direction of the tomb itself. Ringshawl is implying that it is only Ahmadi Muslims who are supporters of this theory and that they are misinforming the masses.