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The company was a jobbing firm, buying from importers or manufactures and selling to dealers. Case xx folding blades is incredibly low.

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Robeson started its existence with kitchen and staple ware and also ended there. Millard Robeson began his sales career backpack pedaling tin staple ware out of his home. They had set themselves up as a subcontractor and supplier to other cutlery companies. If you want to describe manufacturing dates feverishly.

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Dmitri what are much discussion today about dating of robeson factory. With high tariffs limiting imports and impacting sales, Millard was forced to have pocket knives made domestically.

Before long, Millard started selling imported knives and razors from England and Germany with his name on them. Large clip point blade practical was a good half stop and sharpening tool. Besides camillus, robeson is issued bearing the oldest mail order knife, folding knives that made the robeson vintage knives and the year date it out. They often sent customers new knives when they returned abused ones.

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This was the beginning of his long lasting relationship with Rochester Stamping Works, who made the tin staple ware. Counting various handle materials, different knife patterns were produced by Robeson.

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The company was a jobbing firm