Her squeaker no longer works

Dating old teddy bears

Fading to pupils and non working squeaker in his tummy. Shorter, stumpy limbs were popular in the s. There are several features that help to determine the age of a vintage teddy. Lovely condition for his years just minor factory seam flaw to ankle as shown. Non working concertina squeaker in his tummy.

Pippa has a lovely cheeky face with original eyes, black plastic nose and good mouth stitching retained. Her mohair has worn, bare areas and couple of marks but nothing major considering her age. There have been numerous variations over the years.

She wears delightful old jacket with embroidered flowers to front and lace trims. Wood wool gives the teddy a crunchy feel if squeezed. The chart below describes the Steiff chest tags over the years. Plastic joints were first used in the s. The reindeer has all of his tags, the monkey has the ear tag, but is missing the chest tag and the mountain goat is missing all of the tags.

Look closely and you'll see the hole in his ear where the button used to be. Non working squeaker in her tummy. The paper chest tags disappear quite easily too.

Firmly stuffed, Hyacinth is a good solid sturdy old ted in lovely condition for her years. Many makers had their own distinctive shape.

You can find tags with cute names on them and others that have the Steiff brand name on them. Many manufacturers have distinctive features in the bears that make them readily identifiable. Often, teddy bears can be attributed to their maker simply by style or look. Early bears were jointed with cardboard or metal discs and attached with metal pins, which can sometimes show as rust through the fabric.

Pippa has a lovely

By the s, synthetic fabrics were increasingly used. Her squeaker no longer works.

Currently, there are a number of variations which indicate what collection a piece is from. The very earliest bears had a comparatively pointed snout and longer limbs.

Teddies stuffed with kapok feel firmer and heavier, and resist insect attacks. When buying vintage or antique ones, it is important to learn the identifying features that help to date them. Very soft and silky, it is a fabric woven from Angora goat fleece. That is an indication that there was a button in it at one time. By the s, plastic foam a shredded, sponge-like foam was most popular, as it allowed for teddies to be wholly synthetic and machine washable.

Her mohair has