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Her selfesteem had been hammered for

Her self-esteem had been hammered for years, often by family, but mostly by her own inner voice. Her depression lifted, and her mental clarity so much improved that it was like meeting a new person. They probably met for worship in someone's home, as no Friends meeting was established here until Mt.

Sharon is a woman with a heroin addiction dating back to her teen years who became pregnant in her twenties. The second phase of the war begins with the attack of the British on the Carolinas and their initial victories at Camden and elsewhere.

Her depression lifted and

Mary Everett, and Joshua m. The area to the west and east of them had been previously settled by Long Hunters and their relatives. Thomas and John Kimworthy does not appear to be a real name Quakers on both lists These appear to be unknown sons of Joshua Kenworthy b. Frost Bottom, Anderson Co. Harmon and Benjamin Cox were not fined by Swift or had paid their fines.

By August, several people were dying per day, and a third of the city's population had fled in the hopes of escaping the epidemic. Barry became known as a generous person who was willing to share his personal message of hope with most anyone who was in need. Could be a Quaker or could be someone else. Some people will come through it ok using just a few resources.

Jesse married Elizabeth Bedsaul, which makes him the probable brother-in-law of Flower Swift. John Claunch, son of of Jeremiah migrated west to Grainger Co. Methadone provided excellent relief, and enabled Steven to disconnect from the drugs that had been a part of his life for over a decade. Miriam Carr at Tom's Creek. There is a Quaker who is a possible match and several non-Quakers that can't be eliminated.