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Limited edition of copies bound in full leather with clamshell box. Regarded as the oldest complete manuscript of Gregorian chant missal propers. Halftone of one of the most important liturgical documents from England. The ms, an interesting palimpsest, was once in the possession of the Reichenau cloister.

Halftone of a complete th c. Preserves the music for the complete monastic cycle of the Office of the Translation of St.

Musical settings include

During a period dominated by behaviorism in the mold of B. Introduction and Index by Rebecca Maloy. Beneventan notation on dry-point staff, the manuscript is devoted almost entirely to chants of the Gregorian tradition.

Musical settings include plainsong and polyphonic conducti, tropes, and organa. First, all people are capable of two morally agentic abilities, to act humanely and to act inhumanely. With Introduction and Rubrics in English. This is the only volume in which extensive work can safely be attributed to Fra Angelico c. Limited edition of copies.

First all people are capable