He wants you all to himself

Dating an antisocial personality disorder

He seems like a strong, independent guy who just needs someone to help him learn to be a softer man. The association is more apparent in functional neuroimaging as opposed to structural neuroimaging. He is only looking out for himself. Antisocial personality disorder is often referred to as psychopathy or sociopathy in popular culture. Let her consistently steal the money and lie to you about it.

The enduring pattern is inflexible and pervasive across a broad range of personal and social situations. Because personality disorders describe long-standing and enduring patterns of behavior, they are most often diagnosed in adulthood.

And the results here can be disastrous. Attachments and emotional bonds are weak, and interpersonal relationships often revolve around the manipulation, exploitation, and abuse of others. At first, you take everything he does at face value.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Deliberately bring her around tough homegirls of yours that you know like to fight. Keep your eyes on the prize. If you do, hide them when she comes around. This is, without a doubt, the worst part of being with an anti-social guy.

Deliberately bring her