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Dating a virgo man sagittarius woman

Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious but your lack of focus can make those around you wish you would keep quiet or stick with one thing for once in your life. Who knows what may happen, what I do know is that my kooky eccentric ways though may confuse him, also interest him.

Although it was a good relationship, I will take all the good from it and move on because there was more negative memories then good. What to watch for The Sagittarian habit of embellishing the facts will constantly be challenged by Virgo who is a big fan of the facts. You love meeting new people and exploring new ideas, and your optimism and spontaneity are a breath of fresh air in the duty bound world of a Virgo man. Its so depressing to a point I wish he just died.

Dated a Virgo man for three years, he was a great love learning experience. Especially when he introduced me to his girlfriend cancer after that I told him I wanted to be honest and tell her.

Now I am happier than I've ever been. That is all that I have to say about Sagittarius women. It all depends on the houses, planets and transits between two charts. Virgo men will build a comfortable lifestyle for her to come home to, she just has to be willing to come home to it. Just consider other options.

The Virgo male will gladly

The Virgo male will gladly take over their finances and other responsibilities, which she has no problem with, as long as she can go off and do her thing. It is honest and inviting and my woman is starting to do that more and more. We ve met several times affair en suddenly am understand who he is, he doesn't talk much, I always think he's angry or sad when he isn't.

She totally blows my mind and opens me up sexually and that becomes a metaphor for the way she opens my mind up to so many other things. Some romance, some surprises, a guy who knows what they want and wont critize everything about you. We still tell each other we love one another but recently he acted liked he hated me. The sex was awful with her. This will often be a problem, for Virgo needs someone truly emotional so they can show their own deep feelings.

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