Health, too, is a concern

Dating a nature girl

When it comes down to the woman I want to spend my time with, I choose one of those beautiful nature girls any day of the week. You can interpret that however you wish. We are also much less likely to spaz out on you because we know how to get that emotional tune up that is so needed every now and then.

It could be a number of

However if you want to date someone you can learn from, someone with confidence and just the right amount of independence, and someone you can never be bored with, date the outdoorsy girl. As long as you are open to experiencing something outside of your comfort zone it can be a mutually rewarding experience. Cultural barriers can be an overwhelming issue that prevent what could have been a great relationship. If the woman enjoys being outside and doing things in nature, her chances of being healthier than a house-bound counterpart are pretty high.

True outdoorsy girls will appreciate nature walks in a scenic park, outdoor picnics, kayaking dates, snorkeling trips, beach days, camping trips, fishing excursions, etc. The great outdoors can be unforgiving and unpredictable.

One look on Instagram under hashtags like OutdoorAfro or BlackAdventuristas or OutdoorsyDiva or BlackGirlsKayak and you will see that the joys of the outdoors is not limited solely to white women. It could be a number of reasons.

One look on Instagram

In cases like that, shared interests can be an immeasurable help. When your girl is the outdoorsy type your relationship will not suffer from boredom or monotony. Grab your cup of tea, wine, or whatever you like and join in the discussion with me today. Whatever physical attributes you find attractive, you can most definitely find them in an outdoorsy girl. With the striking duality of femininity and masculinity, they are enigmas that we just can't help but love.

It could be my race because for some reason black women are assumed to not want anything to do with being outdoors. Ease the Burden of Cultural Barriers At some point in time, we've all dated the hot foreign girl, usually just to find out that we had no basis for interaction. With outdoors activities speaking is normally optional, therefore easing even language barriers.