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We look forward to hearing from you. The news comes that Beverly's boat is missing, furthering the fear that he has committed suicide. Over the years, war and money tear the two apart, but their love burns eternal. The original book is dark and terrifying while the film version is a campy cult classic.

The star-studded miniseries stars Kristen Wiig and Tobey Maguire as star-crossed adoptive siblings. Violet also reveals his suicide might have been preventable since she knew which motel he stayed in the night he left the house.

Beverly Weston has not been seen for five days. In the Indian version, while the name of the play and those of most characters remain the same, the narrative has been shifted to the Indian state of Goa. Sheriff Gilbeau drops by the house with the news that Beverly had stayed at a motel shortly before he committed suicide.

She decides she has had enough of her mother's drug addiction and confiscates all her several kinds of pills. Before the memorial dinner prepared for the family by Johnna, several family arguments and scenes arise.

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Hey, they're not really related. Sarah Michelle Gellar is so flawlessly evil, it's difficult to explain her actions through anything other than sociopathy. The act ends with her spiraling into confusion. Barbara and her mother have one last angry confrontation during which Violet blames Barbara for her father's suicide.

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