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They chase anything in a skirt. Exercising caution, the coach insists, is of the essence. Be ready to be dumped any time. He says as an older woman, you have to let your toy boy get accustomed to the fact that you are old enough to be his mother and fact that he likes you is not your fault. Tips to detoxify Ominde says when it comes to clothing, insisting on short dresses, no matter how cute you think your thighs are, always makes one look sleazy.

The only souls who paid some attention to such types were those coast-based, dreadlocked multilingual beach boys. Men just like their egos stroked, the one stroking it is never a big issue. They tend to be a bit disguised. But, as Ominde says, trying too hard can always be noticed leaving one embarrassed. Gideon says for a woman to try and get into this sort of relationship, she has to try and master the art of aging gracefully, too.

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This growing trend is perhaps proof for our changing times. Of course, this is made possible by the equally high number of randy, old rich women who are constantly on the prowl for either genuine companionship or flings. This has been going on for some time now.