Supreme Court of Colorado, En Banc

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The consolidated theft statute thus prevents offenders from evading punishment on the technicality of being charged with violating the wrong law. The rule permits the court to combine cases for discovery only, for trial only, or for all purposes. Where the statutory language is clear and unambiguous there is no need to resort to the interpretive rules of statutory construction.

Stating that larceny from the person was a felony, the court reversed the trial court's action in sentencing the defendants as though they had committed a misdemeanor. At no time did Warner take money from the cashier's person while she was not looking. Turtles Frozen Yogurt store. Conversely, consolidation can also cause problems, such as delay, Maharaj, So. Unlike pickpocketing, Warner's theft lacked the element of danger associated with invading the person of an unaware or unconscious victim for purposes of stealing something of value.

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How to Consolidate First, determine if a motion to consolidate is best for your client. Attach any supporting documents to the memorandum, including affidavits that establish good reasons for consolidation.

How to Consolidate First determine

While the technical distinctions of the various crimes were eliminated through consolidation, much of the substantive elements for the offenses were retained. Consolidation can also save the defendant attorney fees when one attorney represents the defendant in several different but related cases. Judgments entered in consolidated cases apply only to the parties named in the judgments.