Two articles discuss this topic

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Prior to undertaking her doctoral studies, she served various roles in the higher education sector. The Agenda for Sustainable Development. RtD is an inalienable self-standing human right.

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Two articles take this into consideration in water sanitation projects. Her theoretical interests lie within corporate citizenship, critical innovation studies, and post-colonial, de-colonial and transnational theories. Hence this topic is also considered in this book.

She has studied a range of topics related to rural water and sanitation, including various cross-cutting themes. RtD imposes an obligation on States, individually and collectively, to create conditions favourable to the realisation of RtD, and refrain from making policies which are adverse to its realisation.

More recently, she has been directing workshops for startups, tech developers, and educators on leadership, community wellbeing, and activating vii systems change. The duty-bearers of RtD are States, individually and collectively, including at international organisations.

In practice, interdisciplinary studies are not very common. But above all, thank you God for giving me the opportunity and the strength to do it.

Her current research is focused on the exercise of the right to freedom of expression in the digital era, with particular emphasis on the protection of journalists. Besides, he has been working on research projects to understand the access of public provisions like water to the marginalized section of the society. Without your hard work this book would not be published. One of the forms in which their participation can be promoted is through the use of Internet-based platforms to exercise their human right to freedom of expression. However, none of this is possible if women are not included.

The dutybearers of RtD are States