Battery is user replaceable

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Both a textured black back and a purple back are included with the phone. The speakerphone is unusually loud and clear. The Motorola Droid is of course a high end phone and it looks the part.

In fact, it looks more like an Asian market phone, and if the branding were gone, our first guess would be that Samsung made this phone. General improvements to the Blur user interface and better notification of incoming calls as well as an improvement on missed call notifications. Has proximity sensor and haptic feedback.

We know that's not great

This didn't cause navigational mishaps but it was curious since we were driving under clear skies in a suburban setting with no tall buildings or looming trees. Given vanilla Android's bland handling of multimedia, the Music app is a blessing. Those were good phones when they were launched, but they were launched many months ago. Swype works great for writing emails and text messages.

Additional Windows Media formats compatibility such as. Improved touchscreen detection and accuracy. In the world of T-Mobile smartphones, it's a respectable choice, especially for music fans. Music is appropriately routed to the external speakers instead of the earphones.

On the large side, not as attractive as Moto's other Android phones. Transmissions sound true, without background noise coming through. It's almost as big as the high end, high res Nexus One whose screen is a half inch larger.

Outdoors, daylight shots are sharper but can still look underexposed in the foreground. We know that's not great, but it's a step in the right direction. Battery is user replaceable. Colors are saturated and natural and images don't look terribly over-processed other than the sharpening.

Processor - The processor is the main computing component of a phone and is a major factor when it comes to the overall speed of the device. It's a great, fun, and free addition to the music experience. If you have moderate to strong coverage, the phone works fine and we had no problems with dropped calls or overly slow data. The phone gets average reception on T-Mobile's network. But then it costs much less and you can take it to your local T-Mobile store if you have problems.

Outdoors daylight shots are

Music sounds good both over wired and Bluetooth headphones. Better audio routing preventing random occurrences of speakerphone during calls. But the Nuance voice dialing system took several seconds to resolve my commands, and misunderstood my name. An update to the latest version of the preloaded Quickoffice which allows editing of Microsoft Office documents.

If you live in a weak coverage area, keep this in mind. More important, we found it could make it through a business day on a charge even when checking our various social networks and email. This field shows what particular system chip or System-on-a-Chip is used in the phone.

All that space allows for large buttons and an oversized trackpad that sit below the display. But unless you're willing to give up the idea of customer support and go for a Google Nexus One, all of T-Mobile's Android phones are slow.