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Divided into youth and adult cell groups, meetings are mostly led by trained lay members. The church has clarified that the investment is indirect, through a wholly owned subsidiary for the purpose of taxation and separate accounting. Lets Bomb The Earth Chords. Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats.

Through heartfelt worship and anointed music, we are to powerfully influence and transform the society we live in. Verbally, you can use it now. You may use it for private study, scholarship, research or language learning purposes only. Find out more about the Great Commission Collective at gccollective. Our campuses will share our name.

Jesus has called our church to light up the darkness around us. Gospel City Church, Elkhart Campus. Over time, a name simply becomes the accepted norm, no matter how strange. Every failure in the Christian life is a failure to believe the gospel.

We viewed this decision as an exercise in listening to the Holy Spirit, not an exercise in creativity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now, Gospel is our first name. Every name has shortcomings.

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Russian Orthodox diocese of Singapore. What was the process for deciding on a new name? The central message of the Bible is the gospel. The gospel is the lens through which we see all of life. Singapore Baptist Convention.

CITY HARVEST CHURCH LyricsWhat does our new name mean


Lutheran Church in Singapore. Elim Church Grace Assembly of God. Although our facility is located in Granger, Indiana, many people who attend our church do not live in Granger. The studio-recorded songs and post-production was mainly done in the United States. Will we still sing Vertical Worship songs?

Do we still partner with other churches for church-planting purposes? It seems to be working for them.

We pick songs that are doctrinally rich and theologically sound. Heart Of A Servant Chords. It has a grace and happiness to it and it is empowering and healing. The word always implies movement.

Both are from Los Angeles, California. Feel free to get the word out. Our new name was chosen with great intentionality. Only those who repent and believe the gospel will be saved.

We are a city longing for a better city. City Harvest Bible Training Center. Rather than complaining about where God has sent us, we will pray for our city, seek the welfare of our city, type writing software for windows 7 and live sent with the gospel. Best City Harvest Church Songs. Cross is the fifth live praise and worship album from City Harvest Church in Singapore.

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What name do I write on my offering check? We are a city sent to a city. Singapore Armenian Church.

The church is the gathering of those called out of something and called out to something. It was governed by the elders of that church.

Cross (City Harvest Church album)

Remember, Jesus is the name above every name. Making A Difference Chords.

There was more than members in the main auditorium present for the live recording, which took place over two days. The gospel teaches that God is holy, man is sinful, and Christ is the only savior. Choosing a new name for our church allows us to be identified by our own character, values, and impact.


Two people can hear the same name with completely different reactions based on their past experiences. Will we require churches we plant to adopt our name? This was a directional decision by the elders who leaned on the collective discernment of the entire staff. As a church, we are called out of the world by the gospel and sent back into the world with the gospel. When will we start using the name?