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There were even laws on food, on dressing, on punishment of slaves, on morals, etc. Any of the above co n ditions can be waived if youreceivepermission from the UniversityPress of Florida. At about the same time a nephew reported that his uncle failed to keep a kosher home. But why is the question that Camoes answers after his own fashion.

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The Arts College at Coimbra was no more, and former luminaries like Damiao de Gois were at least isolated or, at worst, persecuted for their independence of thought. But in the second part, the Reverse, he proceeds to turn over this picture and look at its other side, which depicts the bad qualities and the ugly aspects of the Portuguese and their country. Marston, president of the University of Florida, and Helen I. He says that the worst live in Portugal be cause there they find more tolerance for their pseudo-Christian way of life.

Next we are struck by the manner in which events are recounted and possibilities en visaged. It was only after the earthquake that a part of Lisbon was built according to a well-determined plan and with some regularity in the size and external aspect of the houses. With but one life to live, suffering and sacrifice for nonexistent future benefits are pointless. He was, by common consent, a man of many parts and generally recognized as a superior talent even by his enemies.

Faced with financial ruin and renewed domestic strife, Uriel once again recanted and submitted to a humiliating penitential ritual. Mormino David Colburn Patrick J. The tensions of sixteenth-century Portugal that countered idealism with cynicism, hope with suspicion, and splendor with squalor appear everywhere in his poetry and letters.

Hostels were lo cated too far apart. Certainly the most eloquent expression of this crucial period in Portugal's history is found in the works of Luis de Camoes. The ill-advised monarch also used state revenues to defray the costs of their and his pleasures and pastimes rather than to further the ends of government.

The Politica Militar was D. All this is well known by historians. Subsequent events, however, could only have shaken even our au thor's trust in a just world, for he found himself the target of everincreasing pressure from both civil and religious authorities.

As such he has inspired one opera, a play, three novels, and a recent highly subjective biography. In other words, the epic is worthy of study as containing precepts for our present and future conduct or, better said, for Sebastiao's conduct. His mother, Branca, however, came from a family that, according to recent research, had long maintained clan destine observance of Jewish customs and traditions. Formality, also a typical Portuguese characteristic until the present, as well as jealousy and boldness, are correctly observed.