Men we are all not like that

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Part of my abusers mind games was the constant reassurance that the relationship was still perfect and that he was smitten, even though in practice he seemed to be withdrawing from me. Why on Earth anyone would think a good relationship can come out of it is beyond me.

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However it also made me determined to ensure that no one else falls victim. After a few months of this nonsense, Michael ended up deleting his fake profile when he said that he started to come to his senses and feel bad for leading these women on.

Two years ago

Two years ago I had been on the brink of taking my own life not relationship related, just one of many many straws breaking the camels back. As well as being a former Police Officer.

This experience has changed me. The longer the pain goes on for the deeper I understand how emotionally damaged I was by this man.

Instead I decided to take a year out to fully heal and look after myself for a while. Insert eyeroll here because there is no way this cheap man would ever pay a lawyer, but for all intents and purposes, we will say his name is Michael. If you are feeling self-conscious about yourself and you are thinking about what it would be like to see the dating world through a different lens, it can sound appealing. At a loss for words, we all thought that Michael was making a weird joke, but soon realized that he was dead serious. Internally I am still screaming, but no one can hear me.

Men we are all not like that. He uses these skills in his coercive control of women and I have to say he uses them well. No matter what your reasoning is for it, there is no point to starting a relationship with someone like that because it is going to end up hurting one or both of you.