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This is an example of the dating refinement possible with the presence or absence of various diagnostic features. This the third bottle from the same progression of companies noted above.

The late s and early s was, however, the heart of the transition period from pontil rods to non-scarring snap case tools, one of which was certainly used in the production of this bottle. In this way, a foreign and hierarchical system of governance was imposed on the Igbos along with many other smaller groups in the South. During the ensuing years, the Northern Emirs maintained their traditional political and religious institutions, while reinforcing their social structure. The strike included people from all ethnic groups.

The array of references used to support the conclusions and estimates found here - including the listed dating ranges - are noted. The body shape is essentially identical to other Saratoga style bottles dating back to the s and s.

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Some other finish styles were used on occasion - like the oil, brandy, and very rarely rolled or sheared finishes - but far and away the most commonly observed is the mineral finish. As with most early bottle styles these have squatty bodies, i. This bottle has no evidence of mold air venting like the majority of tooled finish soda bottles would exhibit which also indicates an earlier production.

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Irrelevant wit and musings from the mind of a depressed man

The Hutchinson variation almost certainly dates from the to period covered in the next section. It is likely that the pictured bottle dates from the latter half of this period as they were known to have been blown by the Saratoga Mountain Glass Works Mt. They had a lively awareness of the political system and regarded it as an instrument for achieving their personal goals.

The pictured bottle has a wide, relatively symmetrical, mushroom style blob finish which was a variation common on earlier ca. The smaller pint sizes fairly consistently have the conformation of the bottles pictured on the left side of this section, thought there are subtle variations as with all types of bottles. He did not return until days after the coup.

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These tradition-derived differences were perpetuated and perhaps enhanced by the British system of colonial rule in Nigeria. The image to the right is of the base of gravitating stopper showing the stopper itself and this typical base embossing on a bottle used by a California bottler discussed below. Both of the major covered styles first two below have long, moderate diameter bodies, short to non-existent necks, and are topped with some variation of the blob finish. Given its shape it could reasonably be called a gravitating stopper style even though no stopper is present. Intended for better administration due to the close proximity of these protectorates, the change did not account for the great difference in the cultures and religions of the peoples in each area.

It has the typical graceful gravitating soda shape, was blown in a post-bottom mold with no evidence of air venting, and appears to have a tooled blob finish. Northern leaders, fearful that independence would mean political and economic domination by the more Westernized elites in the South, preferred the perpetuation of British rule. Resentment of politicians ran high and many campaigners feared for their safety while touring the country. Bottles with this more slender shape appear to be typical of later posts soda bottles, but is not likely to be an absolute feature empirical observations.

However, it would be wrong to state that the two Southern regions were politically or philosophically aligned and there was already discordance between the two Southern political parties. Crown finishes on Saratoga style bottles are very unusual this possibly being the only brand to use such? Consequently, the Yoruba were the first group in Nigeria to adopt Western bureaucratic social norms.

Nigerian Civil War

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Deep green bottle pictured to the above right. It has an applied blob finish, no evidence of a pontil scar, and was blown in a post-bottom mold without any evidence of air venting. Although these groups have their own homelands, by the s, the people were dispersed across Nigeria, with all three ethnic groups represented substantially in major cities.

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Later post into the early s bottles may also be found with a tooled finish instead of an applied one, like the crown finish example pictured to the right above. Competition for its associated wealth led to the struggle for control amongst the regions.

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There was widespread suspicion that the Igbo coup plotters had tipped him and other Igbo leaders off regarding the impending coup. In contrast to the Hausa-Fulani, the Igbo often participated directly in the decisions which affected their lives. Violence spread throughout the country and some began to flee the North and West, some to Dahomey. Standing out in the crowd and making a point with witty headlines, will surely help you find a match that can match your witty humor.

Now the Igbos, concentrated in the East Central State, would lose control over most of the petroleum, located in the other two areas. From there, they would dismantle the Northern-dominated power structure.

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