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Ivory and red phones are added. Lead weights are now added to the left side to try to improve the balance of the set. So, I never got my full satisfaction that I still dream about.

Even in sleep, you sigh and reach out to gather me lw. You put your hand on my leg.

She was nervous and worried someone would find out. Specialized versions of the Princess included models with message-waiting lights, and two-line operation. Green, Yellow, Gray, and black are added to the color choices.

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In the place that I lived so we could play secretly. And I feel your fire begin to burn within, your need for me now so evident.

They were also available for field installation if customers complained about the phones moving around while dialing. Ultimately, the heavier touch-tone models made this problem almost a total non-issue. And the minute I felt her sweet p ssy, I felt the load. Sucking you in deeply, I can taste your luscious juices as they surface and seep.