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Bye felicia dating

Well, there will be hell to pay for this, I told myself. She was going to have to wear her big girl panties and suck it up or else move on to a softer target, a more uxorious sort of man. She wanted me to do something with that money, namely use it to get married and start a family. Then there was Darlene, but she refused to give me any advice at all, any tips whatsoever. Hanging up on Pippa, I proceeded to test the access, and sure enough, I was able to watch my show unimpeded.

Maybe I still had a slight romantic streak buried somewhere beneath the outer cynic that the Felicias of the world brought out in me. Well, there was nothing to do but face the monster that found it necessary to intrude upon my life yet again. If I was a bit strident, it was partly because I was annoyed at having to pause my show, but I also resented the interference, period.

Well there was nothing to

You need to fish or cut bait. That was the modified position that she took once she realized how stubborn I was about the issue.

They had enough bitter fights between them as it was, even after he took her back, though she had to grovel a bit for a while to get any semblance of wifely privilege back. For years, I was the only one who treated my sister like a human being at all most of the time. We both fucked it up, if you can forgive my cussing on the Sabbath as I forgive you doing so as well. If Mom got mad at me, well, at least I talked to Felicia. Your father in turn did some shady and disgusting things to pay me and my boyfriends in kind, and I understand that.

Maybe I still had a

That we call it quits and move on to other people. Knowing Mom, it was never just a social call. If so, I had my doubts as to her judgment of character, of course. This meant that you must have a copy of my house key, which meant that you must have sneaked out with the house key and made a copy while I was asleep or drunk one night.

Never mind that you do have an actual daughter. No amount of threatening to cut me off is going to change my mind.