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She is also a hot looking person with equally appealing attitude. Or my boyfriend and I go for a bike ride. Her slim and long legs are often covered in the pants that she wears, and her long big boots suggest her feet to be quiet large. The silver-white streak is natural. Bonnie is a classic blues singer, with her main instrument being the guitar.

She has been living on her own since the divorce and although she has got many male friends, it is very unlikely of her living with one anytime soon. Our tour bus becomes a second home.

Besides her beautiful appearance, her lovely long hair and blue eyes, she is also loved as a person for her characteristics and behavior. Email really helps me stay in touch with friends and save my voice. She has got a slim, athletic body which is considered to be sexy by her admirers.

Adele and Bon Iver performShe was born

She was born and raised in Burbank, California, United States as the daughter of musician John Raitt and his wife Marjorie Haydock, who was a pianist as well. Adele and Bon Iver perform her hits.