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How do I update the BBC Media Player app

As a technology company we review and rate devices and applications on a regular basis. The bare minimum is being done.

And this solution does give us JellyBean support which was lacking before. At the moment their control freakery makes the pirates appear the lesser of two evils. Your host is Eliza Kessler. Poor video playback This is something we are working on and will continue to work on.

Yours desperately, writing academic english 4th edition Deep in Rome. That still fails to support download. Continual Calls to install the application.

BBC Media Player for Android - APK Download

That certainly doesn't tie in with trying to claim Android is an important platform for you. If the update is not available, contact your network provider. Its not difficult to understand. Any interesting material will wind up on torrent sites anyway, off air.

BBC Media Player - For PC (Windows 7 8 10 XP) Free Download

The links on this blog and its delicious stream are chosen by Eliza Kessler and Nick Reynolds. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

So, has there been any exploration of the possibility of purchasing or licensing that instead? Different apps for different platforms shouldn't be necessary - after all it's just a bit of video. It's not like the been is a small outfit. They stand a snowballs chance in hell of stopping online piracy unless they get the public onside.

Great to see a new Android app release. Dave Price has written an update post on Android. We need to know if the resources are being used at all, before we can judge if the are being used wisely. It's obviously very important to a lot of people.

The team and I would love to hear what you think about this approach and how well this new application works on your device. Follow bbcinternetlinks on Twitter. If you posted up some rights cleared example files under all the various codecs I bet the community would happily give feedback.

It's disappointing this update couldn't including the download functionality. Rather than change both our method of playback and the format and bitrate of the streams, we thought it was important to make one change at a time. We needed a solution which would meet the security obligations we had agreed with our rights holders.

How do I update the BBC Media Player app

As an experiment I tried that application-that-shall-not-speak-its-name and it works really, really, really, well. We are keenly aware that mobile development is a fast-changing environment and that this approach may have to adapt in the future. Platform version information from developer. Have you looked into deals with other provides e. It's this that's led to Android users being stuck with a substandard glitchy app.

Immediately uninstalled the app after that. This is probably worth a future post but I'm sure a post about all the current iPlayer streams available would be of interest to many of the followers of this blog. They still haven't managed to deliver an iPlayer Client for Android users that is fit for purpose. Moving to this separate player has been a big jump and I recognise it may seem disruptive at first. Of course the large majority of Android devices support local h.

BBC iPlayer Help - How do I update the BBC Media Player app

You can limit which version of Android can have what apps. The Android operating system is constantly evolving and has been upgraded several times in the last two years.

BBC Media Player

Topical posts on this blog. Frankly I'm sick of waiting. It would be easier than waiting for people to use the-script-that-must-not-be-named to get at the other streams. Perhaps that's not how things work - I've no idea - but it seems to me you're not direct competitors. Did he really expect a largely positive reaction?

Loving the super sharp subtitles on blurry pixelated mess of a programme. Legacy will naturally die off with that approach meaning you won't have an issue when air ultimately runs into problems.

This new solution is disappointing so far though it is good that there is work going on. This is the benchmark you have to meet. You could provide a two-app solution, but no - that's too much work, apparently. Exactly what do we pay our license fee for. Tap that and the player starts.

This approach allows us to focus on solving all of our media playback challenges in one place and in one app. However even I am willing to cut them some slack given the drop of Media Player is only the first part of the new solution for iPlayer on Android.

Something i forgot to mention in my post. Is there any timeframe for this? Find out more about page archiving.

The description of BBC Media Player

However, Android is an open platform, and Android devices are greatly varied in terms of their capabilities. This means, amongst other things, making them available on as many devices as is practical.

The description of BBC Media Player

Can you be specific about precisely what requirements are placed upon you by the rights-holders, explaining and expanding upon the restrictions this places upon the solution you develop? This much touted update means I will need an extra application on my phone e. We needed a solution that would work on the newer Android devices running the JellyBean operating system.