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So far, there is a difference, but not a lot, and all three work well. Adam, sports, cars and motorcycles. We have it custom made like most of our metal parts. Hooks are steel but we also have brass ones. Knowing if your Gibson banjo is a prewar or postwar model will help you understand the serial number.

All list prices include a hard shell case. This model, The North Star bluegrass banjo, not only upholds the reputation of this fine American company but also retains the spirit that Ome banjos are known for and built with. Look for a Gibson decal on the inside of the wooden rim that forms the body of the banjo. All of them sound wonderful, and many have been played by famous musicians all over the world.

Chuck explained to me that he wanted to create this new Southern Cross banjo to compete and be comparable to the vintage sound. Taking a coffee break between classes one day, he wandered through the Timberline Lounge at the University Memorial Center. This banjo was stunning right out of the box. Chuck is sure he will get through all this just fine, and he plans to keep making banjos for as long as he can.

With lawsuit settlement money and the help of friends, he rebuilt a slightly larger space and continued producing beautifully crafted instruments. The chance encounter inspired Ogsbury to begin playing guitar. He was back in production within a month. Right out of the case, I found the factory set-up to be right on the money.

The banjo has a gorgeous deep nito-cellulose finish, with the fingerboard and resonator binding cleanly installed. Ome banjos feature a wide array of peghead and fingerboard inlay patterns, each more beautiful than the last, with fanciful names like Renaissance, Bright Angel, Rain Forest, Columbine and Odyssey. The oil finish gave no resistance to position shifts and movement up and down the neck, allowing shifts on the neck to be extremely fluid.

While Kort is clearly seasoned and comfortable in the studio, his greatest joy and dynamic verve is on-stage. Ome Banjos has been expanding its line of instruments ever since. Meetings in hotels, apartments for hours, addresses, swingers clubs, and also receive in his private apartment in Barcelona.

There is no ultimate banjo. He loved to play banjo, and liked to work with metal and wood. And, the price in most cases is not something to be taken lightly, though they seem to have stabilized over the last couple of years.

All list prices include aThis model The North

This banjo gave me strong, responsive tone right out of the case. For about a year he traveled around the country, but came back to Boulder, settling up in Gold Hill.

By the time he graduated, Ogsbury was already in business. Variety is the spice of life sort of thing. Aesthetically, it has copious amounts of vintage appeal. Adam is an attractive boy slim physique.

And as most of us soon discover, there really is no one ultimate banjo. The best I can do is provide you with as much information as I can to help you decide what would be your best option today. The Southern Cross is a really versatile banjo for traditional or modern playing. Check that the configuration of the serial number is right for the time period.