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Most recently, I thought that if I could come home and work for the city I love so much as its mayor, I could finally solve my problems. And second, I hope it helps veterans and everyone else across the country working through mental health issues realize that you don't have to try to solve it on your own. Sometimes political representatives use both gerrymandering and malapportionment to try to maintain power.

As such, they were de facto discriminated against, though this was not the primary intention ab initio. But it's just getting worse. By moving geographic boundaries, the incumbent party packs opposition voters into a few districts they will already win, wasting the extra votes. And I wasn't sharing the full picture.

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Additionally, members of the board can be denied access to information that might aid in gerrymandering, such as the demographic makeup or voting patterns of the population. The district is considered to be one of the most gerrymandered districts in North Carolina and the United States as a whole. District Court in ruled against the drawing of Wisconsin legislative districts. The measure failed voter approval chiefly due to voter concerns that communities of interest would be broken up.

While gerrymandering may not decrease electoral competition in all cases, there are certainly instances where gerrymandering does reduce such competition. This can be accomplished both by merging separate districts together and by increasing the total size of the body to be elected. Gerrymandering may be advocated to improve representation within the legislature among otherwise underrepresented minority groups by packing them into a single district. First, I think being honest will help me through this. Plum squares and Orange circles.

It was redrawn from the version shown after the census. Nevertheless, Matheson continued to be re-elected.