Austin and ally beauties and bullies online dating

Austin and ally beauties and bullies online dating

Dez and Carrie, puzzled and angered why Margo would do that, decide to take revenge on her. Carrie asks Dez whether she should be an oak or pine tree, while striking the same pose for both trees. Dez suggests an elm tree and Carrie strikes the same pose as before. She says getting back at Margo will not solve her problem.

Coach Simmons then tells Trish she could of come to him because he would of taken care of it. Dez and Carrie reveal that she was working at Shredders and was feeling fine.

After the play Trish returns to

The next day, Ally finds Trish in the Practice room, crying as she struggles to gain the courage to open up the cover to her computer tablet.

After the play, Trish returns to an empty stage carrying a bouquet of flowers, basking in the afterglow of her performance where she previously sobbed over the insults she received. Austin and Ally walk in, practicing their lines but Ally is not satisfied with the way Austin is saying his one line.

Jokes on you, lavender's my favorite sniffs Songs Featured. The next day, at rehearsals, Trish doesn't show up with the excuse that she's sick and Margo fills her place. They all try to comfort her in a group hug. Even though Trish laughs it off then, she later on sits at the staircase of the stage and cries while alone.

Austin and Ally walk

Unfortunately Austin, then Dez, and finally Carrie also see her in her time of grief anyhow. Austin and Ally are both stumped when they realize they're going to play plain townsfolk. At the play, Dez and Carrie tell Austin and Ally that Margo is the bully and decide to take revenge with a present as a prop. The play starts all over again and nobody makes fun of Trish anymore, although she seems to resist being kissed by Dez by snoring.