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You can only do this if your device is rooted. If you send in a device for trade-in, you will not be able to get that device back under any circumstances. Use only in accordance with law. Keep in mind that if you have questions, feel free to ask below. The first step is to get your device rooted.

Galaxy Note proved that time and again. Samsung Pay is easily one of the most hassle-free and safest ways to pay with fingerprint authentication and extra layers of security. We took care of that in every way possible from longer battery life to fast charging to more ways to charge.

Other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. But achieves a lot more, making life that much easier. You may not participate if you lease or do not own the device you would be trading in.

After that step is completed, you can look into a recovery. Choose the method you feel most comfortable with. The most powerful and beautiful version to date. Not endorsed by BlackBerry.

This is so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily revert to the back up and start over again instead of having a nonfunctional device. It always helps to have your notes and files on your laptop as well. Accepted payment solutions may vary by country and region.

Use S Pen on a gorgeous flat surface while the phone's dual-edge back lies snuggly in your hand. Convergence brings people together. Actual appearances may vary.

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