The item you needed to find

Aspxgridview rowvalidating event

You are just about to lean back in your chair and put your feet up on your desk to savor this moment when you see something strange in your grid. What happens in this event is that a request for updating rows is sent. With this Suite, you can also easily implement different validation strategies without the use of additional validator controls. Just imagine how much control such a filter builder can grant an end-user.

This event is raised for each data row when a corresponding row within the table is created. And once you try it, you will see how seamlessly you can sift through your entire data to find exactly what you are searching for. Once you do, a form with editors will appear.

You have a new column for that first condition. This tiny window gives us the power to build complex filtering criteria by simply adding these criteria unlimited in number in this window. As this image illustrates, the first, third, fourth and fifth rows contain red text. You can change this easily be creating your own database and changing the connection string in the web config.

Validation is implemented

This is because your grid was just populated with all the data you needed. This circle is there to inform you that the data entered into that cell is incorrect.

See the image below for reference. We will receive the old values that of interested updating columns and the new one that were chosen by the user, in a form of Ordered Dictionaries, exposed by two properties in our event argument.

Right away your

The third row is no longer displayed in red, since all the information in all its editors was corrected. Sure I knew how to do simple filtering. These buttons allow us to create and customize filter criteria.

Validation is implemented within the RowValidating event handler. Right away, your eye is drawn to the red circle with an exclamation mark.