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The heart of the song is about judgment and falling short. Acey Deucy talks about family and friends on tracks like Kin Folk, relaxing on Smoke One and still drives home the joys and pain that we love to get from our music on tracks like Stop Playing. On Cheatin Man, David expresses a lot of inward pain and battles with self. Lyrics with meaning, no studio edits served with a side of incredible vocals, make for an unmissable album. That had that same passion to create.

Atlanta is where my talent and passion grew together. Unfortunately we're not authorized to show these lyrics. There was even a time when he spent his rent money for me to experiment in the studio. She heard the short version I wrote and said she had a verse for that song.

Body Measurements inches approx. His silky voice, coupled with strong lyrics in his songs, have ensured a potentially Grammy award winning conjuction. Her fans are following her in twitter.

Interested people can watch her videos in YouTube and see her bikini pictures from Instagram. That place is real life, the good and the bad. The verse India wrote and her voice fit perfectly in every way. The man in the song hates his father for what he did to his mother, but then he ends up doing the same things.

But she had a keen interest in guitar. She was supported and encouraged by both of her parents. And now the circle involving Anthony David and India. David toured relentlessly in support of his independent releases, opening for acts such as Arie and Kem before headlining tours of his own throughout Europe and Japan. She is a very talented personality who has achieved a lot within a very short period of time.

The album, already released in Europe, represents the Neo-Soul genre perfectly. From the general to the specific, my music comes from a very personal place. The track sounds like a lost recording of a song written for Bobby Womack and Gladys Knight. That says a lot about the nature of our relationship and how well we work together.

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Aries enjoy all of her tours. Anthony David was born in Savannah, Georgia but discovered the spark to ignite his artistic passions in Atlanta. At the age of thirteen, her parents had a divorce and then her mother moved her family to Atlanta, Georgia.

She has also created interest in writing songs and singing. It is a combination of songs from those two albums that make up Acey Deucy. Not only did he encourage me to start performing professionally, but it was Tony who suggested I use my first and middle name as an artist. From her early age, she loved singing as her mother influenced her. Acey Deucy is a blueprint for how to create great music in different styles, while not being diverse just for the sake of being different.