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The greatest example of it was seen in Kamathipura. The British rule abolished detestable practices like sati but passed several laws to protect customs and traditions of Hindus. And to the surprise, even the illiterate women followed his advice from the bottom of their heart.

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Avoid wearing the jewellery on your body everywhere. He put all his efforts to guarantee the educational opportunities without any discrimination to all the citizens of India. Babasaheb spent his life for the betterment of women even involved in bad practices and professionals like prostitutions.

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Ambedkar wanted to free women from inhumane customs, rituals and superstitions and made the way for their liberation. Ambedkar extensively studied the position of women and had thrown light on denial of rights to her. As Ambedkar joined the Indian political arena, south park dating sim kamaniki the social reforms achieved an altogether new dimension.

He was the Chairman of Constitution Drafting committee of India. It put men and women on an equal level in all legal matters.

He encouraged women to organize themselves. The Hindu Succession Act gives male and female heirs almost equal rights to inheritance. He always advocated the inclusion of downtrodden sections of the society.

Ambedkar who was an architect of Indian Constitution, provided strong constitutional safeguards to women. Ambedkar about women is explicitly depicted in Indian Constitution. He believed in the strength of women and their role in the process of social reform. Muslim women were suppressed under various religious traditions. He realized that this could not be achieved without liberating the women themselves.

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He strongly advocated for family planning measures for women in Bombay Legislative Assembly. And no nation can be grateful at the cost of his liberty.

He provided several provisions in the constitution for protecting the welfare and civil rights of women. He stated that the consequences of purdah system on Muslim women were that it deprived her of mental and moral nourishment.

Empowerment envelops developing and building capacities of individuals and communities to make them part of the main stream society. We will sacrifice our lives but we will win our rights. The historic Mahad Satyagraha witnessed participation of three hundred women along with their male counterparts.

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He impressed up on the people to understand their own state of affairs. His deep concerns and feelings for all round development of women are expressed from his each sentence and word. He was of the opinion that unless and until the downtrodden themselves came forward to fight their battle, no one else could alleviate their grievances.

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He always honored women for their work and hardships. Self awakening, self elevation, liberation etc.

The most firm step took by him was the introduction of The Hindu Code Bill in which was revolutionary in confinement of proprietary rights to women but when not accepted by the Parliament. He evoked women in the following words. The Code also sought to confer on women the right of property and adoption which had been denied by Manu.

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