She does that to me all the time

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Absolutely, it brings you more into the character. Bjorn Ironside in history is even more famous than Ragnar is, if anybody knows that, so he actually has big shoes to fill and he does a great job. And even though they may not get the same amount of screen time, they create a world that allows us to step into whenever you come on set. On that note, amazing fight scenes.

She shot down his dreams of threeway love. And to answer your question, I think every woman character, every female character, has her own arc.

Absolutely it brings you more intoBjorn Ironside in history

She does that to me all the time. Hit the jump for what they had to say. All the props go to Michael for that too, he really is an incredible writer, he really tries to make it as gritty and real as he possibly can.

Same thing with a confident woman, the more confident you are in yourself and really just state what it is, people respect you more. Hey, if you really wanna make some money, go single. This is the glamorous part, right now, this is awesome.